Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Harder Than It Looks

Trying not to fall over!
Here we are with our most excellent instructors

He showed potential

Ever since we moved here I have wanted to try curling. It looks like fun and since I like to be cold, the fact that it is played on ice is very attractive to me. In our last month in Canada we finally made it to the curling rink! Our friends invited us, and taught us the basics. Guess what? It is much harder than it looks!

We have watched curling on TV and have seen our friends curl and it always looks graceful and easy. NOT! First of all, the ice is slippery. Second of all, that rock is heavy. Third of all, it is very hard to keep your balance when one of your feet just slides all around on the ice because of the slick sole. We see people gracefully sliding along pushing the stone but what we don't see is that the foot while sliding forward can easily slide sideways too. They are just practiced enough to go forward.....I was lucky to go forward, but sometimes the slippery foot wanted to go sideways too, which resulted in my sliding to a prone position on the ice! Hilarious!

A fun time was had by all, I assume our instructors had fun too. Glad we got to experience curling and now we really can appreciate the skill of our friends....and the Olympians.

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