Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Would You, Could December?

Would you, could you... go to Paris in December?  That is the question.  December is the month of shopping, decorating, cooking, planning, preparing, nesting!  December has never been a month I would consider a big travel month, except to see family for Christmas.  I guess I've always had plenty to keep me busy at home during the month of December.  All this...coming from the person some people refer to as Carmen San Diego.  But, it looks like things may be different this year.

The City of Lights...all lit up for Christmas!

For the first time ever.....I will be taking a frivolous, unexpected, spur of the moment, totally self serving December.  TJ is going to Paris on business for a few days and far be it from me to turn down an invitation to Paris.  It is Paris after all!  I did deliberate over the decision to go for about 10 minutes before I said..."Why not?!".  After all, I did all of my Christmas shopping in August and we are going to Nova Scotia for Christmas, so I don't really have to do too much around the house here in Sugar Land.  This year is going to be a minimal Christmas, it 's all about family and fellowship!  Not shopping!  So...I conveniently find myself with a bit of free time in December.

I hear there are all sorts of Christmas decorations in Paris which will only add to the beauty of the city of lights!  I am going to ignore the fact that the weather forecast is cold and dreary.  I will turn to the millions of mini white lights to warm my spirit and put me in the holiday mood.  I am going with no particular agenda.  I'll be flying solo and will be on my own for half of the days there.  I'm OK with that.  What better place to be wandering around with nothing but time and a camera?  I have even cracked open my French textbook in an effort to refresh my feeble memory of the French I was taught over the last couple of years.  I sure hope I remember some of it!  Maybe I'll just hope everyone is in the holiday spirit and is feeling generously forgiving to this American tourist. I promise to try to speak as much French as I can remember! Anticipation.....

Meanwhile, back in Sugar Land, Texas it is feeling and looking a lot like Toronto in November!  The last five days have reminded me of the things I loved to hate about November in Toronto.  We have had as much winter weather as we ever get down here in the South!  Makes a person want to curl up with hot chocolate, a blanket, a fire, and a good book....or plan a trip to Paris!
Bonne Nuit!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tweet Tweet?!

After you read this my credibility may go down.  I consider myself reasonably capable using social media, some may beg to differ.  I mean, I am able to keep this here blog going, post pictures to the blog, change the background when the urge hits me and use most of the options fairly well. I have a Pintrest account, but will admit I rarely use it.   I am pretty good using Facebook (sometimes too good) and Instagram...unless you saw the last couple of pictures that got accidentally posted sideways.  That was all Instagram's fault!  They went and updated their site and changed the editing choices while I wasn't paying attention.  Ok, maybe it was a little my fault.  But....I have yet to venture into the land of Twitter.

Until last week, on an impulse....I hear that's how it happens to many people, I opened up a Twitter account. I figured it was time for me to see what all the fuss is about....a few years late.  My embarrassing ineptitude was immediately evident!  I unwittingly sent invitations, to join Twitter, to almost everyone in my address book....not once but twice! Sorry about that friends.  I think people are still getting notices and reminders to join... not from me but from the tenacious badgering of Twitter.  FYI, I am not sitting by the computer anxiously waiting for you to join Twitter!  Super embarrassing!

I can now be referred to as.... @lisadmahoney1  
Upon opening my shiny new Twitter account I decided to "follow" a few sites and individuals.  I sat and waited for the informative, smart, witty, sharp barrage of information/tweets to show up.  Maybe I am going about this all wrong.  What I did get were a few emails from long lost friends accepting or rejecting my Twitter invitations.  I'm going to just count that as a "win" since I got to hear from a few friends I would not ordinarily hear from.  Every time I run into a friend or acquaintance who is in my address book they mention the Twitter invitation and usually they follow up with, "I don't really do Twitter, I have no idea how to do it, or why I would need/want it."  Me either!

As far as my Twittering...well, I just don't get it yet.  What can I say that I already haven't said on Facebook, or Instagram or here on the blog...and who cares?  Does anyone need or want to hear anything else from me?  I heard that!
Swimming in the Deep End Without a Life Jacket

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's A Small World

Sometimes the six degrees of separation are too many.  In my ESL class there are between 8 and 12 people every day from all over Central and South America.  At the beginning of the semester none of them knew each other, except for the one husband and wife who attend.  Last week we found out that the couple's daughter, who is a nun,  was the teacher of one of the other student's child back in Mexico!  Yes my is a small world!

Yesterday was one of those days in my class that puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day!  The couple in our class was celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary.  They have only lived here for a short time and don't have many friends.  Their daughter, who has lived here a long time, asked if she could bring a cake and surprise them with a party.  Definitely!  One thing I have found out about Hispanic people is that they love a party!

"Teacher" and the happy couple and the rest of the class, Feliz Anniversario!

Everyone loves  party and tres leches cake!

When the party begins is when all of the students break into Spanish.  I think they love turning the tables on me and see me have that confused look on my face that says, "What???".  One benefit of my confused look is that it forces some of the more advanced students to be the interpreter and as a result improves their English.

My heart was warmed all day when I thought about this sweet couple and the tears that ran down their faces when they realized that all this was done for them.  I love this "job"!
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