Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving

"They" have stolen Thanksgiving!  The proverbial "they" have decided that Thanksgiving is not important, or at least it's not as important as say....Christmas.  I challenge you to go to any store today and find Thanksgiving decorations, table cloths, or table settings except maybe in the way back on the double discounted sale section.  They are gone!  As soon as Halloween was over the shelves were wiped clean of anything orange, brown, yellow or black and replaced with red, green, white, silver and gold.  No pumpkins, pine cones, pilgrims or cornucopias to use when the family surrounds the table on Thanksgiving.  Apparently I was supposed to do all of that shopping around Labor Day.  Oops!

I challenge you to find this section in any store today.....except maybe the grocery store.
As someone who lives in the moment (procrastinates until the last minute)  I have been a little mad and little sad that Thanksgiving will be a mere blip on the radar and Christmas has bullied its way into our stores and our psyche.   I'm blaming it on "them"...the marketing geniuses.  I like Thanksgiving!  It is about being thankful, eating lots of delicious food, being with family, plus there are no gifts involved!   Not only does the absence of  Thanksgiving frustrate me but the presence of Christmas decorations, commercials, and music makes me a little crazy.  For some reason all of this bombardment is making me anxious.  It makes me feel like I should have the house decorated and the gifts bought, wrapped and mailed by now.  I am so screwed!  I was busy trying to have Thanksgiving here.  There is so much life to live before I even start thinking about Christmas and all its trappings.

I am choosing to honor Thanksgiving and will try not to let Christmas creep into my life until December!   So cheers to Thanksgiving!  Bring on the lists of things we are thankful for and the turkey, pumpkins and pilgrims.  I, for one, will leave my fall wreath on the door until AFTER Thanksgiving!  Please join me.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finding Extraordinary in the Ordinary

 I've been struggling with whether the blog is still relevant.  Every once in a while I'll go back and read some of the old blogs and think to myself, "That was good!"  or  " That was such an interesting perspective, I'm just not thinking these days.  I need to pay more attention or be more creative.".  Self congratulating and criticizing all in the same breath.  I'm sure you have noticed my posts are getting farther and farther apart.  I don't really want to make this a boring journal.   Who wants to read about that?  Maybe my mother....but certainly not anyone who didn't give me life.  Mothers read anything and everything their kids write and love it, that's why we love them.

At least three times every week I consider a topic for a post, and it will simmer for about five minutes, because lately that is my maximum attention span, and then I think....."Nah, I've already written that."  or "Booooring!".  Then I'll think,  "Maybe my life has just gotten too boring....or I've become boring."  Then I silently scream inside my head "Ahhhhhhh, a curse worse than death!  Say it ain't so!".  Maybe I should go hang gliding or base jumping, those aren't boring.  I can write about what it feels like to be scared to death and free all at the same time.  Instead, I have taken my dog to the vet for x-rays on her broken leg about 4 times in the last 7 weeks, that's almost the same as base jumping, right?  No?  You need more?  Me too!

She does not realize sometimes that she still has a broken leg.
Hope springs eternal!

When I read my old posts, I realize I've done a lot of traveling.  Which I'm very thankful for, it gives me something nice to write about and some beautiful pictures to post.  Every day life is so....ordinary.  I need to remember that the ordinary makes me appreciate the extraordinary. Wouldn't it be nice if I could just figure out more ways to make my every day life extraordinary?  Why do I need to wait for those "out of the ordinary" people, places and things to make me feel more alive or to inspire me to write something interesting?  I need to make the daily experiences special.

With this in mind as I look over my pictures on my phone from the last month, life hasn't been all that ordinary.
I got to see Kelly....and the Liberty Bell on Columbus Day.

My artistic photography effort,
 Independence Hall reflected in the modern Liberty Bell museum window.
There is even an American flag in there!.
Of course I couldn't resist the pink flowers.
Speaking of travel, wasn't I? Last Thursday night was one of those ordinary Thursday nights at home.  While watching TV, because that's what I do on an ordinary Thursday night, I stumbled upon Anthony Bourdain's show, Layover.  Three episodes later I was drooling over his trips to Italy, Spain, France and Turkey.  I was thinking if I had my own show I'd be a cross between Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown.  Not quite as profane and irreverent as Bourdain but not quite as perky as Brown.  I thought I'd provide a link for you to get the idea of what I mean and came across this You Tube video of them and it is absolutely hilarious!  It also confirms that I really enjoy both of them.  Imagine my surprise this morning as I read the newspaper and discovered that Mr. Bourdain will be in none other than Wolfeville, Nova Scotia this week attending the Devour Food Film Festival.  Maybe he and I have more in common than I originally, food, travel and Nova Scotia.  If I lived there I would absolutely check this event out, hint, hint. If you go, tell him I said "Hello, and I've been internet stalking him".

Over the last few ordinary weeks, the weather has been extraordinary.  Ever since I wrote this post the weather gods have seen to it to provide us with absolutely perfect weather.  This also explains why I have not been writing much.  I've been outside playing golf and running/walking.  I tricked myself into exercising by signing up to participate (note I did not say run) in a 5K the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I figured I needed a goal and nothing like the shame of finishing a 5K in over 40 minutes to get this 50 something year old woman off the couch and onto the sidewalk.  I'll let you know if I accomplish my goal.  Don't worry it's not a lofty goal, I'm not into setting myself up for failure!

Just one of the extraordinary days we have had lately!

Finally, I have witnessed some extraordinary football.  Extraordinarily good and extraordinarily bad.  We went to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Ole Miss game.  There is something special about going back to your Alma mater for Homecoming.  The memories just flood back!  Oh, to go back knowing what I know now....things might have been very different or just the same....and that is a whole other blog post.  The football game was epic!  The campus was beautiful.

Nice Homecoming decorations!

You know you are in Louisiana when you get drive thru daiquiris!
Even though most of the days over the last few weeks have been pretty ordinary, they have also been extraordinary.  Sometimes all it takes is a blue sky and a cool breeze or a straight drive on a beautiful golf course.

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