Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Day Is It??

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you keep having to figure out what day it is?  If we are in church... it must be Sunday.  But's Saturday, I'm so confused.  If we are outside all day exercising and doing chores then have dinner with friends it must be Saturday!  Oops, that was Sunday.  I think this is where it all began this week and the reason I still keep having to remind myself of the day.  Add a holiday on Monday and Ash Wednesday to the week and every day either seemed like Sunday or Monday.  Can Friday just get here already?

Some weeks go by on a regular schedule and we are very aware of the day of the week.  Sunday, go to church.  Monday, teach class.  Tuesday, golf.  Wednesday, teach class.  Thursday, yoga.  Friday, whoo hoo!  Saturday, chores and fun.  Many of us have a predictable pattern on most weeks.  Some weeks are chaos and there is no pattern.  I like those weeks.  Some days are anticipated; the day you leave on a trip, a special lunch with a friend, book club (well at least for me!), an important meeting.  We find ourselves counting down the days until that occasion and as a result we know exactly the day of the week. 

Is it this day yet?

I thought this week would be one of those weeks because we are leaving on our ski trip on Friday.  BUT...except for today (Ash Wednesday) I have had my days all confused and keep having to count backwards and forwards to figure out the day of the week.  Am I losing it?  Don't answer that!  It's like when you wake up somewhere and have to lie there for a minute to figure out where you are....what?  that never happens to you!!! Come on!   Anyway, I don't know if this week has flown by or crept by because I've had a couple of Sundays, a couple of Tuesdays, a Wednesday and it's still not Friday.  I do hope I remember to get to the airport tomorrow for my flight.  After all of this anticipation, it would be a tradegy to miss that ski trip....which starts on FRIDAY.  That is tomorrow, right?  Once we get there, who cares what day it is!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stuck in a "Moment"

Have you ever caught yourself in a "moment" and thought... "This is something very special, I will remember this forever!"?  It is like you are looking down and seeing something extraordinary.  I am not talking about just good times but times when there is a force bigger than the sum of it's parts.  It is almost a spiritual experience.  I know...this sounds a little wacko and normally I'm not a wacko (hush!) but stick with me here and I'll try to ramble my way to a point.

This past weekend we were in Baton Rouge for the Baptism of our newest family member.  As expected, there were aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents in town for this event.  Any time we all get together can be considered a special experience.  We laugh, we eat, we drink, we reminisce, we cry (usually through laughter) and we always have a great time.  This weekend was no different. 

Happy Baptism! 

gratuitous blue sky and spring flower picture....because it was a beautiful weekend!

Every once in a while though, there are extraordinary moments.  We end up somewhere we never expected and we are taken over by the minutia.  Not everyone in that moment will realize just how special it is, we all have our own perspective and my "moment" is not necessarily your "moment".  It all happened when we were in the kitchen. We were talking and people were coming in and out and the conversation was jumping from one topic to another.  There was plenty of laughter and we were all talking at once....because that's what happens when we are all together, who has time to listen when we all have so much to say!?  Then one person told a story and there was a hush in the room.  It was poignant and we were all brought to tears at the love in the story.  A room full of rowdy people was hushed and awed.  It takes a lot to hush this crowd!  I can only assume that is when the Holy Spirit entered the room and we were all filled. 

These moments don't just happen.  It is not that there aren't lots of special events or family get-togethers but "that feeling" only happens every once in a while.  Not sure what makes a "moment" but I know you have all felt it at one time or another.  Sometimes we are too busy or caught up in our own heads to pay attention enough to realize just how special some times are.  We need to stop, soak it all in and look at our lives from above and then maybe we will realize we are truly blessed to be who we are and where we are, right in that "moment". 

Enough preaching.... now for a few more pictures from the weekend.  Baton Rouge was in full Mardi Gras mode.  We ate crawfish and boudin balls and king cake!  We went to a Mardi Gras parade too.  It was a beautiful sunny day but a bit chilly and very windy.  Everyone still managed to catch their share of beads and we all enjoyed the sunshine.

"Throw us something mister!"
They had to wear all those beads so they did not blow away in the wind!
Hope everyone enjoys the last few days before Lent begins.  Happy Pancake Day to all of my Canadian friends, wipe that syrup off your chin!  Happy Mardi Gras!  I am considering a few Lenten options for the blog so we shall see what happens. 
Forty days of ????  Suggestions?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Got Goals?

I am living with a couple of physical fitness nuts.  My husband and my second daughter are training for a 180 mile bike ride for charity in April.  That makes them do crazy things like spin class at 6 a.m..  They are totally focused on when the next ride will be and how far it will be and how many miles they can log in a week.  They have a goal they are determined to reach.

We have Marathon Girl living with us for a few months while she does an internship in Houston and she is training for the Boston Marathon.  Needless to say, training for a marathon is intense.  I would not know because running 3 miles would be a marathon for me and it is merely a warm up for Marathon Girl.  Her goal is to train without getting injured in the process and run in Boston!

I am surrounded by people training for something.  I am starting to feel like I should set a goal and start training!  OK, maybe I'll start training to break 100 on the golf course.  A goal that has eluded me thus far and on many occasions seems totally out of reach... until I have a good round and I feel like it is just around the corner.  Lately, the corner has been all the way down the block though.  Maybe I can train for our upcoming ski trip.  Oops....too late, it's only two weeks away.  Better do more wall squats to strengthen my quads and maybe ride the bike a little, I hear it helps on the slopes.  Something about that whole balance thing along with working the quads.

Obviously, I am not as goal oriented as my husband, my daughter or Marathon Girl. Goals are good, they give you direction.  Guess I should set a few and get a little direction in my life.  I did recently take a step to get closer to one of my goals.  It is less of a  physical fitness goal and more a mental fitness goal.  I have wanted to take a writing course for a while, to learn some tricks of the trade and see where I lie on the Richter scale of writing.  Many of the courses offered are just not what I am looking for.  It is not my goal to publish the next great novel, I just want to improve my writing skills.  I don't need a grammar lesson, some might disagree, but that is not what I'm looking for either.  I found a course that comes close to what I am looking for, it isn't perfect, but at least I am going to jump in and get my feet...or in this case, hands, wet.  The course begins at the end of February and to say I am already a bit intimidated would be an understatement!  Someone else is going to read what I write and "grade" it for the first time in over 30 years, yikes!  Writing for a semi-anonymous cyberspace public is one thing but writing and being judged by a professional and compared to other students is another thing.  Will I be able to think of original material?  Will my ideas seem elementary?  Will I be able to stay awake for the entire class?  ( It is from 1-3 in the afternoon, I remember sleeping through every university course I had at that time of day!  The post lunch nap always won!)  You can all look forward to riveting posts during the month of March as I improve my writing skills.  Then again, I may not even have time to post anything on this here blog because I will be busy doing homework!

P.S.  If you want to help my husband and/or my daughter reach their financial goals for their MS150 bike ride click here   Husband   Daughter

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Redeeming January

I found winter!  It lives in Madison, Wisconsin.  I visited it last weekend.  All is right with the world!
I also found my awesome grandsons!

You have no idea how nice it was to visit an area that experiences "real" winter!  I am so glad that I decided to take matters into my own hands a few weeks ago and made reservations to get out of the temperate south, at least for a few days!  Grandsons can be a real lure too, especially when they are young and cute and changing every day.  The thought of missing out on some of those wonderful moments is enough to attract even the coldest of hearts much less my warm heart.  I could not get enough....of the grandsons or the cold weather! 

This is Daniel playing with his train set

January may be redeemed after all.  I will not fret about the seasonably warm temperatures predicted for tomorrow or the humidity because I can still feel the dampness in my snow boots from the weekend.  Some people talk about the sand in their suitcases after a winter trip, I talk about the wet snow boots!  Yes, I'm a little strange...from what I hear.  I got to do some of my favorite things, like...

shovel a little snow!!!

play in the snow with my daughter and the boys!

or go sledding!  So much fun!!

So I got to experience some winter and play with Daniel and Christopher.  I even go to go to a hot yoga-ahhh class.  All in all I would say it was ALMOST enough to redeem January. 
I will just try to forget that it is February 1st and the thermometer says 80 degrees, maybe I should go outside and do some yoga!
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