Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Canada vs. United States

Tomorrow Canada and the US play each other in the gold medal hockey game in the Olympics . This game sums up my life right now. Not knowing much about hockey....I do realize the magnitude of this game. What a perfect way to end this Olympics?
My dilemma- who to cheer for? My patriotic side says USA- don't be a traitor to your country. My emotional side says Canada. They are the host country and I feel their WANT. Living here changes friends, neighbors, newscasters, newspapers, and radio announcers are all cheering for Canada. But I am an American living in Canada for the last 2 years. What to do?
I do have a very emotional connection to Canada. I associate it with so many great things in my life. Summers are defined by time at the shore in Nova Scotia. A breath of fresh air and fun with cousins and summer friends. How can you not love this?
Yes, I feel a loyalty to the US, I was born and raised there-but Canada is that grandparent that spoils you or that treasured friend who always brings good food and great times. There are no bad feelings or memories- it is all good- yes, even the broken arm and the health care system. I have learned a lot from Canada. I will be sad to leave and oh so thankful for the opportunity to return to the arms of that embracing grandparent, every summer.
Who will I cheer for tomorrow? The offense....and the defense.....I win either way.
P.S. I should always listen to Canadian music while writing about hockey! This blog brought to you by Spirit of the West.

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