Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shifting Gears

May....so much to do, so little time!  I remember how busy May was when the kids were in school and I figured once they were grown and gone things would change.  I was wrong.  Even for an empty nester, May is packed with activities.  The mantra of the month seems to be, "One more thing before everyone goes their separate ways for the summer!".  Don't go thinking you are special if you are trying to figure out how to do everything and be everywhere that May demands while you manage to still have time to plan summer activities for the family and remember to send all those birthday/graduation/wedding gifts and cards....everyone else is in the same boat or maybe a slightly different boat swept up in the same current.  It's May... or as I will soon be saying, it was May!

This year May is a transitional month.  I am trying to keep my feet firmly planted where I am for as long as I can before I start checking out.  It's hard to do.  I find my mind wandering to the next place but real life keeps bringing me back.  My suitcases are on the floor halfway packed, my mind is swirling with the ever growing "to do" list but I'm trying to live for today.  Speaking of today....today TJ called from the farmhouse and told me all about broken lawnmowers, garden planting, mouse droppings in the house and spotty Internet connections...meanwhile, I was getting his car inspected and registered.  That world intersecting with this world.  I managed to get the car inspected and registered in 45 minutes and found myself wondering how long it would take to do the same job in Canada.  I dare say, a lot longer!  I paused for a moment and thought to myself.... why am I going up so early again?

I have been trying to mentally shift gears for over a week but there were a few real life things that needed me to be present mentally and physically.  Our LG graduated from UPenn with her Masters in Science Education!  She worked so hard for this moment, between teaching full time and going to grad school, she earned her moment in the sun and we weren't going to miss it!  The sun made its appearance and so did we.

Congratulations Kelly!  We are so very proud!

The next event that kept me in the moment was the 1st birthday celebration of our youngest grandson.  Logan turned 1 year old last week!  He is such a gem!  He has beautiful blue eyes, a wonderful disposition, epic hair and has grown into such a curious, precious little guy.  It has been such a blessing to be able to see one of our grandsons grow up in front of our eyes.  I am very sad to think three months are going to go by without seeing him.  I have gotten spoiled seeing him grow week by week.  He is going to change so much over the next few months...and I am going to miss it.  I know...it is going to happen anyway... just get over it!  

Showing off his laid back approach to life, and his epic hair!
Birthday hair and face!
In the end, May has been a very full month of family and friends.  It began with a Mother's Day celebration with my Mom and two of my sisters and is ending with my youngest grandson's birthday.  Throw in a graduation, a golf tournament played with my sister, a few other birthdays and graduations and you have May!  Soon I'll be heading north for the summer.  As always, I find myself hanging on to the life I lead here, even though I know I love the life I lead up there.  I am sure in a few months  I will feel the same way about leaving the farmhouse and heading back down here.  Maybe I grind the gears just a little bit as I shift from the city to the country and back again.

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