Sunday, March 21, 2010

Location, location, location

They always tell you that location matters. When we bought our house here, one of the main selling points was it's location. It turned out to be a good decision. We have enjoyed the location and in the end it was what sold the house.

More than just the street, the location of our house has proven to be a big plus in many ways. In no particular order, the pluses have been....

proximity to the airport- TJ and I (but mostly TJ) have done a lot of traveling since we moved here. Having a 15-20 minute drive to the airport has been invaluable! We have never lived closer to an airport and never has it been so important. TJ is flying every week, think about the time he has saved with this short commute. This is even more valuable for those early morning departures and those midnight arrivals.

living near the lake and Port Credit- this is also the first time we have ever lived this close to a village and a major body of water. It has been nice having all of the bike paths and walking paths to take advantage of along Lake Ontario. The village of Port Credit has been a fun place to explore. We have made a point of trying to eat at most of the pubs and restaurants in Port Credit. We may have missed a few but have enjoyed all of the ones we have tried. So many choices only 2 miles away! This is also nice since we are at a point in life where we eat out almost more than we eat in!

wine country and Niagara Falls- yes, we live near major tourist attractions! It has been a lot of fun taking visitors to Niagara Falls and to the wine country. I never get tired of seeing the falls. They are truly amazing. Wine country is a little treat as well. If you only go and do two wineries I'll give you my two recommendations. Go to Daniel Lenko and Tawes. They are polar opposites in every way except for their wines. Both have excellent wines. At Daniel Lenko you are welcomed by his dog outside and taste wine at the kitchen table in his old house. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed and Daniel does the pouring. The wines are some of my favorites from this area! At Tawes, you taste wine in a very modern glass and wood building with stainless steel tanks in the background. The vineyards are beautiful, the grounds are perfectly landscaped and manicured and the tasting room is hushed and professional. Total opposites but both very good wines.

living in a place people like to come visit- we have been lucky enough while living here to have many visitors. I know they all came to see us, but I think the city of Toronto had a little to do with the visits as well. We like having visitors and we like showing them around the city. Toronto has lots to offer, so when they get bored with us, we can always go to town!

being close the the farmhouse- one of the nicest things about this location has been the proximity to Nova Scotia. Driving or flying, we are so much closer than I have ever been in my life. What a treat this has been. I am spoiled! From the first time I remember going to the shore, it took over a week to drive there. Now I can drive there in 16 hours or fly there in less than 2 hours. Sweet! We have been able to go 3 times a year, with relative ease. Why do we have a vacation home so far away from where we live? That is just the way it worked For my enitire life people have always asked why? Up here, no one asks why, they "get it". Back to explaining. Guess we are back to a week of driving or a day of flying. Totally worth the trip! But it sure has been nice to be so close for 2 years.

I think we learned a good lesson here and hope our new house has location, location, location! Looking forward to finding out.

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