Saturday, March 27, 2010

Five More Days

Five days until we leave Canada. My mind is having a little trouble grasping what chaos will ensue over the next 2 weeks. I sit here on a beautiful Saturday morning calmly drinking my morning tea in my clean, quiet, orderly house. The house that in two days will look like it has been ransacked. The order that I have will become extreme disorder and finding even a hairbrush will be superhuman psychic feat. I've done this too many times and I know oh too well what I am in for, weeks of feeling lost and disorganized. What is it that I have said before??? "You just have to embrace it!" Ok, I'll try.

Before we leave I have just a few more things to add to the list of "things I'll miss when we leave". Then maybe I will move on to the list of "things I am looking forward to" or "things I really don't miss". I know you are all waiting anxiously to see what that list looks like?!

Once again, in no particular order other than how they popped into my head....

Leewi Yoga- it has been awesome! After I broke my arm and hurt my knee, I was off the running track and yoga made me strong again. It has been my guilty pleasure ever since it opened.

Public transit- while we don't use it very often, TJ and I have enjoyed riding the Go Train. Every time we have visitors one day is "public transit day" and we go downtown on the train and take advantage of public transit. Having never lived in a city with transit, this has been a real treat. A Go Train to the Galleria in Houston would be nice, or downtown...that would be nice!

my bank- small things make me happy. The people at my bank know me and greet me when I come in. I talk to them face to face instead of through a plexiglass ( I assume bullet proof) window like the one I had to talk through the last time I was in Texas. Really?? What a shame! I don't remember that being there 2 years ago.

Seeing the CN Tower and Toronto skyline when I drive home from the west or when we walk along the lake. It really is a lovely skyline.

Every day has the potential to be a "good hair day"! I have had 2 years of good hair days (I guess that could be open to debate, but the frizz is gone), now a girl has to love that!

Canadians- Yes, some of my favorite people are Canadian. Always have been, probably always will be.

Our dogsitter, Miss Enid. Without her we/Sadie would have been lost. We have done a lot of traveling while living up here and my conscience has been eased knowing that Sadie is being loved and totally spoiled at Miss Enid's. She has been a treasure!

Basements- How did I lived all these years without a basement? What are we going to do with all the stuff we have in our basement when we move? Yikes! I really like the fact that my storage in the basement is a nice cool place as opposed to storing everything in the attic, that possibly reaches in excess of 100 degrees F for months of the year. Think melting Christmas ornaments.... I have enjoyed the extra living area too.

My Canadian Book Club- We have read some great books and had some fun times discussing them. As I did with my Texas book club, I will join you in spirit from afar and still read the books, well, I'll try to read all the books! Who knows....maybe I'll even show up to a meeting sometime. Probably in the middle of winter in a snowstorm! Yeah, I'll miss that.

Thanks for indulging me in my transition. The only way to move on is to say goodbye and this has been my goodbye. I spent some time last night rereading some of my posts and it really has been a good couple of years. I am glad we.... just embraced it!

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