Saturday, March 29, 2014

Isolating Media

I think my computer and smartphone or more specifically, social medias, are keeping me from having true friendships.  One the one hand, it is a pleasure to be able to keep up with friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (still haven't completely adopted "the twitter" though) and even this blog.  I like seeing and hearing what people out there are doing.  On the other hand, it gives a false sense of closeness.   I know what you are doing but we really haven't talked  to each other.

We post pictures on social media.  The pictures are edited, making our lives look better than they are.  If you look at all of my Facebook or Instagram pictures, my life is full of beautiful places, adventures, happy people and good times.  I want that life!  Of course, I haven't posted any pictures of me doing laundry, sweeping floors, cleaning the kitchen, watching TV, reading, stressing out over the wedding, or the mundaneness of my every day life....who wants to see that?  What you see is my life...the edited version.  I am sure what I see is your life...the edited version!

Writing this blog also creates a false sense of closeness. While you sit and read what goes on in my life and my mind we don't really sit and talk about these things on a deeper more personal level.  The blog can even stifle some friendships.  When I hang out with friends who read the blog they already know what has been going on in my life so it can abbreviate some conversations.  "Oh, I read that on the blog...."  end of topic.  But, what I put down here is only a snippet of what goes on in my head, my life and my heart.  This is the stuff I feel might be interesting to read or if I'm lucky be thought provoking.  It happens.....once in a while.  It is a one way conversation though.

Is social media isolating me?

More and more recently, I find myself looking for those real connections.  I found myself having a pity party last week about friends lost and found.  You know how when you move to a new city and you have to fill out all the emergency forms for your children at school and have no one to put down in the "emergency contact" line?  I had a little moment trying to figure out which one of my Facebook friends I could put down in that slot.  Don't worry, I was quickly smacked back into reality by a few phone calls...yes, real phone calls from real people and some quality moments spent with friends.

Apparently I am not the only one to have these thoughts.  I googled this topic after I wrote this post....and hundreds of articles addressing the same topic popped up.  There goes my original thought.  A day late and a dollar short.  I didn't even do a random sampling of over 100 participants to come to this conclusion.  So, today I will go out and have some real human interaction with real people, have real conversations and try not to look at my smartphone or computer... too much.  There may be some photos worthy of posting on Facebook's a hard habit to break isn't it?

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