Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ask and You Shall Recieve

My Mother always used to tell me, "Ask! What's the worst that can happen?  They might say no?!".  She was very good about asking for things.  You want an extra 20% off that blouse, ma'am?  Sure!  She really did try to teach us to ask.  I just had a hard time learning that lesson.  I was afraid to ask. Unless it was about going to a party or on a date and then I was all about the asking!  Usually the fear of being rejected outweighed the benefit of getting whatever I was asking for, in my mind.  Luckily, I married a man who asks for the moon if he wants the stars and usually gets what he wants.  Exhibit A, he got me to marry him!  One more reason he is in sales and I am not!
To ask or not to ask....that is the question!

Recently, a group of friends (if you think this is probably is) was sitting around a table discussing whether we call our banks, credit cards, cell phone carrier, etc. when we are charged an extra fee and request the fee be refunded.  I was clearly in the minority!  I guess I also choose friends who ask questions in addition to a spouse who does the asking!

There are countries where you are expected to bargain when you buy something.  I never like bargaining.  So much I going too high and cheating myself or too low and insulting the seller?  I never know!  Too much pressure for me!  Just tell me how much it is and I'll decide if I want it or not.  Maybe I would get better at bargaining if I lived in one of these places and had to practice every day.

Recently, I found myself in a position to ask for something and I felt a little uncomfortable.  I decided to put on my big girl pants and go ahead and ask.  This takes a lot for me people ....don't judge.  Anyway, I received much more than I asked for!  What was I so afraid of?  If I hadn't asked, I would not have received.  A lesson I will continue to relearn my entire life.

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torontotraveller said...

So? What did you ask, what did you get?

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