Saturday, March 22, 2014

Let the Countdown Begin

Last weekend marked the official beginning of "The Wedding" countdown.  Reality set in big time last week.  Invitations have been mailed!  Responses are coming in! The bride's sisters came in town for a weekend of pre-wedding fun.  The girls had their bachelorette party Friday night while I stayed home... 

 and took care of this little guy.
 We did not
sing karaoke like the bride and her friends 
but we still had fun!
The wedding party threw a shower on Saturday evening, which made everything very real!  Watching the bride and groom open gifts while surrounded by their friends and family gave us a little taste of what is to come.  It was like a practice weekend for "The Wedding".  If this was any indication of how the next big weekend will go, it is going to be a great time!  Of course it is.....

Some observations.....
-The bride and groom really are a perfect match!  I have come to this conclusion after hearing their answers during the fun shower game the maid of honor (LG) put together.  Usually shower games are pretty lame but this one was informative as well as entertaining.  They had each answered a series of questions separately and then we got to figure out who gave which answers.  We all learned a little bit more about the bride and groom in the process!  Plus we got to play with tiaras and mustaches!

Looks like "she" said it!

Beersox cake!  Complete with
a Caged Yarn tag!

-We are all going to have to step up our game if we are going to make it through the whole wedding weekend.  We are out of practice for all day and all night socializing filled with eating and drinking....not to mention standing in heels!  I wish my daily life resembled the events of last weekend but alas, I live in an empty nest and have become very boring.  I think I should make it my mission to "train" for the wedding by going out every weekend and partying....or not!

-We cannot do enough planning!  All the planning we have done and will do are still not going to be enough to make the wedding weekend go without a hitch.  To quote one of my favorite SNL characters, "There's always something!".   This will necessitate the mantra of the weekend to be, "Go with the flow" or "Everything is going to be just fine".   We can plan all we want but there will be something that slips through the cracks or works out differently than we planned and despite our best efforts happened differently than we expected.  It's OK!  At the end of the day, the bride and groom will be married and that is all that matters!  The rest is icing!  (which is going to be delicious)

-The next six weeks are going to fly by!  My usual laid back approach to almost everything in life needs to step it up a notch or two and get busy!  One day at a time and one thing at a time and it will all get done, right?  

The happy couple!
Let the countdown begin!

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