Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End of An Era

Our last child has finished school!  My LG  graduated from Saint Louis University last weekend and if you add it all up, starting with our oldest's first year of kindergarten and ending with the final graduation last weekend that makes 28 years of kids in school!  I must say, we ended on a high note.  We partied like it was 1999!

The happy, excited and beautiful graduate

We ended our schooling years on a high note with almost all of our family and all of LG's friends.  The weekend was a test of our stamina!  How many consecutive days can you wake up really early and stay up really late ( we are talking single digit A.M. hours here) and still look stunning, be social and stay awake for all of the commencement ceremonies you attend?  We managed at least 2 out of 3 for both days. 

I must say, I am going to miss school.  It has been the best 28 or 44 years of my life, if you count the years I spent in school myself.  What will we do next semester?  No classes, no tuition bills, no exams....we might just enjoy it all!
LG and her SLU of friends

obligatory parent/graduate photo

She graduated and now she is escaping?

The weekend was a testament to LG and her SLU of friends.  They are an exceptional group of people (but of course everyone says that right?  But really they are!).  Such a unique blend of kids from the academic to the musical to the creative to the technical.  We were all treated to a slide show at the post commencement party for LG's group of friends.  The slide show was put together by a few of the guys and it featured photos and videos of all of the group from the beginning of their years at SLU until graduation.  The slide show made us all realize how close this group of kids has become over the last 4 years and that college is so much more than classes.  It is sledding in the snow, costume parties, spring break trips taken together, boyfriends and girlfriends, service projects, laughter, tears, late nights and early mornings, music and dancing, sports events, being silly and being serious and thrown in to the mix are classes, studying and learning.   I dare say they had the time of their lives.  So it was an end of an era for all of them as well. 

LG introducing one of the creators of the slide show

The weekend was amazing, the last 28 years were more amazing.  It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun.  What's next?

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