Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Canadian part of the Chronicles is Here!

It is that time of year again.  The annual migration to the north is upon me.  I will be spending the summer in Nova Scotia. 

As my days here wind down I find myself thinking about all the things I will miss when I am gone.  Don't get me wrong,  I like my life here and now!  I have my routine and I like my routine.  I love my French classes and Madame Tres Chic and I enjoy my golf games (surprisingly).  I love my book club and my bunko group.  These will be things I will miss and I wonder if things will be different when I return.  If I leave it for a long time, can I just pick up where I left off?  I hope so!  I will miss my church and miss my sister and her family.  I will miss going out to eat.  There are not many restaurants at the shore and we hardly ever eat out while we are there.  I will miss shopping!  I love to shop!  Oh... Canada has stores too?  Awesome! Never mind.

I also find myself thinking about the material things I will miss. I am going to miss my car! We drive TJ's old Ford F150 truck at the shore and it is not quite the sweet ride that I enjoy down here. My back is bracing itself as I write just thinking about the bumpy roads in the man-truck.  As I pack my clothes I sadly look at my closet and say goodbye to some of my favorites that just aren't making the cut.  Can I really go 3 months with what I can pack in one....or two... suitcases?  Remember, I will need warm clothes and cool clothes, that takes up a lot of suitcase real estate!  I know that when I get there I will probably wear the same pair of yoga pants and the same fleece when it is cold and the same pair of shorts and a t-shirt or a bathing suit when it is warm so what am I worrying about?  Bye bye clothes.  Bye, bye shoes.   I will also miss my dishwasher!   No DW at the shore.....and airconditioning.  On those hot muggy days, AC would be nice.  My king size bed!   Well, you get the picture.

Of course, I will not be missing the heat and the humidity.  Even though we get our share of humidity in Nova Scotia too.  I will not miss the scorching days that are Houston in the summer. 

There are many things that will fill my days and nights at the shore.  I am not worried about being bored or anything while I am there.  I love that place and this is something that I have looked forward to for most of my life.  Spending the summer at the shore.  I just hope the participation exceeds the anticipation!

And just in case you are thinking of coming by our house and taking all of our valuables while I am away, think again. I have hired armed guards to watch over my dryer lint collection and my 8 track tapes so step away from the door before the swarm of flying monkeys gets you! Seriously, TJ (aka armed guard) will be home and the neighbors (aka flying monkeys) are on high alert so go find your own dryer lint collection and 8 track tapes!

Stay tuned for the "real" Canadian Chronicles! 


Carol Marlene Smith said...

Wondering wheree this picture is on the shore. I live in NS, but can't seem to place where you are. Welcome home, eh?

Lisa said...

Hi Carol! We are in the Amherst shore/Lorneville area on the Northumberland Strait. How about you? We love it up here, even when the sun is not shining.

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