Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Me Against the Dust

screened in porch in the making.....future fun

One year I will arrive at the farmhouse, walk in, turn on the light, unpack my suitcase and be done with it.... but not this year.  When you are renovating a house over years and years, every time you show up it is an adventure!  I have begun to hate sheet rock dust.  It's me against the dust and the dust is winning.  To add to the sheet rock dust, this year I have the pleasure of being here for pollen season too!  White dust mixed with yellow pollen, such a lovely touch!  Go ahead write your name on any surface in the house, because you can!  Who needs post-it notes?  We have pollen and dust covered tables to write messages to each other!

I doth protest too much, it is great to be here!  Today was as good as any mid summer day can get and it is only the end of May.  I hope this is a sign of weeks to come.  They say they have had tons of rain and it is a late spring so we need a little sunshine and warmth.  Bring it on! I left a drought in Texas, maybe it followed me here.  We don't need a drought either though, TJ has spent the last 2 days planting the garden and it needs water to produce the mass quantities of vegetables he is expecting.  So mostly sunny and warm with a couple of days (or nights would be better) of rain each week would be perfect.  I'm asking too much?

The lilacs are blooming and the sun in shining, it was a good day!

I continue to be amazed at my ability to fill the days while I am here.  There seems to be an endless amount of work to be done every day.  If we ever finish this place I won't be able to come here any more because I will have no idea how to fill my days, there will be nothing to get done!  Good thing that time will never come!  This place is a double edged sword.  I love the renovating and fixing, painting and cleaning but I would also like a few days when I could look around and live in the finished product.  Will it ever be finished?  Probably not!  Two steps forward and one step back.

Need dirt delivered?  No problem!

I have been enjoying the small things these days.  Life is so much simpler here.  A sunny day and a hard day's work are all you need.  We wake up, work or maybe play a little, all day....eat a great dinner, because dinner is always great when you are starving after a hard day's work,  and when we go to bed we are totally exhausted!  Exhausted in a way we do not know at home.  This has got to be good for you....it just seems like it is the way life is supposed to be lived.  The way people used to live before things got complicated.  I really never saw myself as a "country girl".  I love the creature comforts but life here is a rare and precious experience that is lost in most of our lives. 

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Mary said...

Welcome home!

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