Monday, September 27, 2010


Guess where I went this past weekend? Any ideas? Need more time? A hint?
Ok, one hint.

That's right! St. Louis!
It was my last Parent Weekend ever. Last "official" Parent Weekend at a university visiting one of my kids/adults. It also happened to by my LG's (little girl, and she hates it when I call her that, but she will always be my LG) birthday . I did some of my best parenting over the weekend. Which means, I made sure she and her good friends ate well and drank well. There, my job is done! If only the first 22 years had been so easy. Right?

After spending time with LG and her friends I have concluded that there are indeed some bright young people out there and our world will be just fine so you can all stop worrying now. Great kids/adults!

Here is a shot of LG and her older sister who came along and enjoyed her first visit to St. Louis. What a fun city, so much to see and do and eat! Which, did I mention, we did a lot of?

The school was having it's Homecoming weekend and one of the activities is a golf cart parade. Various clubs on campus decorate golf carts and have a parade through campus. LG and her BF were given the honor of representing the business school on their cart. They were celebrating 100 years and so LG and BF dressed in 1910 clothing and the other couple were in current business attire. How cute are they?

And now for the weather!!!!
Fall has officially arrived in Houston. Hold onto your hats people, go outside, RIGHT NOW! This will only last a few days so ride a bike, go for a run, walk to dog, do some yard work (if that's your thing), eat outside, open the windows and breathe!

Welcome to the my newest followers, 14 and counting!

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