Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It Was Like a Corona Commercial

Just chillin' on the beach in the Cayman Islands
Does this not just cry Corona commercial?  I never knew this place really existed!

Take a white sandy beach with crystal clear blue water, add 4 sisters and one good friend, top with abundant sunshine and nice breezes, provide a few really good laughs, insist on happy hour every day on the beach, eat some really good food, swim with the tropical fish, and add a little peace and quiet, mix well and what do you get?  A sister week to remember!  I am one of 4 lucky girls who have sisters who enjoy a good time together.  We try to do this once a year and we are successful most years but other times life gets in the way.  All the planets aligned this year and we had a great trip.

Our friend Karen came along and with her she brought party favors!  She is so much fun and adds a lot to the trip!

Including cheezy coozies and visors specially made for us!

Here is Karen's special visor, notice it is black and ours were white!  She continues to crack me up!
She also made her own cover-up with special artwork.  Did I mention that my sisters all look like Barbie?

Yes, Karen and I were on a tropical island with Sporty Barbie, Suntan Barbie and Snorkel Barbie. A girl needs to have her self image fully intact to go to a tropical island with those 3 bikini clad Barbies!  Karen and I survived by wearing our "I'm with the Barbies" (she brought an extra for me!) cover-ups!  I think Karen will now be Crafty Barbie and I will be Bighair Barbie because this is what happens to my hair when left to it's own devices.....

Lots of hair + salt water + wind = Bighair Barbie

Other names we took on during the course of the trip were from Gilligan's Island.  Gilligan, Skipper, Ginger, Mrs. Howell/Lovey and Mary Ann took a half day boat ride into the Caribbean.  Now I am not a boat person.....I find that whenever you go on a boat you are at the boat lover's mercy and no amount of time on a boat is too much for a boat lover.  15 minutes is usually too long for me to be on a boat.   It is not because of any seasickness issues, that is not the problem.  I think the issue is being trapped on a small watercraft and not having any control over what will catch the boat lovers interest for the next hour or more.  So the Barbies took the show on the road/water and went on our "3 hour tour" which turned into a "5 hour tour" because Snorkel Barbie and Crafty Barbie along with our most excellent boat driver/lover/owner/tour guide kept finding interesting things to do in the clear deep water.  The first hour was a bit rough and I thought I might just have made a huge, colossal, monumental mistake in judgement by agreeing to go on this boat ride.  Then he stopped the boat and put the anchor down, ahhhh.  We all jumped in the water wearing our snorkel gear and proceeded to see some of the coolest tropical fish ever!  It was like being in an aquarium. 
Bye land, see you later...I hope!

The pirate flag should have tipped me off!

The next fun event was Stringray Island.  We got to swim with the stingrays....if we wanted to.  I did get in and touch the stingrays and experience it but then was relegated to passing out squid to the people in the water to feed to the stingrays.  Snorkel Barbie is also apparently the Stingray Whisperer.

Nice stingray....shhh

We pretty much had to drag Crafty Barbie, Snorkel Barbie and our captain out of the water to get them to go back to land.  Sporty Barbie and Suntan Barbie were about to commit mutiny unless they got back to shore....and fast!  They have both been cured for any future boat rides should the opportunity ever arise again.

The rest of the trip was non-eventful unless you count eating at a restaurant with Suntan Barbie wearing a hot pink blinking sash that said Birthday Babe.  Not that we do not already call attention to ourselves without blinking sashes! 

As always, we had to do the Formation (so nicely featured on Crafty Barbie's coozies) again, we've still got it!  We also invented a new Formation.  Yeah, no attention drawn to us doing that!  Ha!  and I have go to hand it to Crafty Barbie for her perfect selection of beachwear for that event!  Touche'.
Formation #2

Sporty Barbie wearing Crafty Barbie's beachwear!

This has gone on way too long so as your reward for reading this far I will now give you some beautiful pictures!  Go get a Corona and enjoy the pictures!
the beginning of a beautiful sunset

The middle of a beautiful sunset

The end....of the sunset

Get that Corona!
A little wild life on the side of the road

Goodnight, moonrise at sunset.


Starman said...

Great pictures. Loved Formation #2.

Carol said...

You never get sunsets like that in Honolulu. Awesome, Lisa. And I've ALWAYS wanted a beach cover up like Karen had!! Looks good on Susan, too. What a hoot! What a huge blessing this trip was for all of you!

Lisa said...

Carol, the sunsets rivaled those in Nova Scotia, they were fantastic.
Starman, glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Admin said...
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