Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Living a Double Life

It hit me sometime this weekend as I drove to or from one of the Houston airports that I have lived a double life over the last 2 weeks.

Life 1
We spent last week in Nova Scotia at our farmhouse. The farmhouse is in the middle of rural Nova Scotia and about a 45 minute drive from the nearest airport and 30 minutes from the nearest decent grocery store. You pass farms and fields and small towns during the drive and there is no traffic. We don't have TV at the farmhouse and the days were filled with manual labor such as weeding garden beds, moving furniture, painting, shoveling lots of dirt and mulch, and doing a lot of dust maintenance.....dust is everywhere when there is construction going on. My shopping outings were to hardware stores and home improvement stores. We did not go out to eat because the nearest restaurant is a 30 minute drive. It is a simple life and very peaceful and quiet. Oh, and the weather was mostly beautiful and much cooler than here in Houston. We enjoyed every minute of it!

Life 2
It was Memorial Day weekend this past weekend and we arrived in Houston on Friday night to the crowds of people coming and going at the airport for the long weekend. The drive home from the airport is 45-55 minutes long and the entire drive is on 8 lane freeway and we never left Houston! Lots of traffic! You are surrounded by city. The freeway is lined with every kind of store and business imaginable. When we got home the yard had been perfectly manicured by our most excellent yard dude that afternoon. The house was nice and clean, just like I left it....and the grocery store was a mere 7 minutes away. Oh, and did I mention that it was 100 degrees when we left the airport???!!!

My two lives are starkly different. It takes no time at all for me to adjust to either though. If only there was a little Nova Scotia in Houston and a little Houston in Nova Scotia....my lives would be perfect!

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