Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Vet

Crepe Myrtle in our front yard

One of the good things about summer in the south is crepe myrtles. These trees wait to bloom until June and the flowers are spectacular. They are a truly southern thing and bring to mind French Quarter courtyards and Savannah sidewalks.

The trees outside my kitchen window
These trees line the common area behind our house and they provide the view from my kitchen table, where I am sitting as I write this, and they are in full bloom now. What is not to love about hot pink?! Makes me happy just looking out the window.

And in the backyard

Another favorite summer thing for me are caladiums. They love the shade and apparently they love the heat because they are growing like weeds in the back yard. How do they do it?

Which brings me to the bad.....

It is wicked hot and humid down here! I am remembering the words I said a few months ago about embracing the weather. Well, I'm not sure I'm embracing it, let's just say I am tolerating it. The only reason I am tolerating it is because I know that in 2 1/2 weeks I will be migrating north to a kinder gentler climate! I can do anything for a few weeks, even survive in this climate. No need for that hot yoga class, just walking the dog I sweat as much as I did in a class. Want hot yoga? Just go outside and pull a few weeds... bending, squatting and sweating all at once.

Speaking of the dog....
Today we went in for the annual shots, check up, etc. Sadie needs all her papers in order for her big flight to Nova Scotia. Has anyone ever noticed that vets are some of the nicest people ever? My sister once said that she wishes she could go to a vet for her medical treatment, they have great bedside manner. So true! Today was no different. So, after being injected with about 10 different things in three different places, poked and prodded and given a lovely pedicure, Sadie got a dog treat. Yup, and she was thrilled. Should I give her some baby tylenol and put her to bed now? After buying the flight kennel, getting all the shots in order and the health certificate for travel and paying for the flight to and from Nova Scotia, Sadie better have the time of her life and maybe wash a few dishes when she is there to chip in around the house.

Time to go do some garden yoga.

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