Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming and Going

Today it crossed my mind that I spend a lot of my life either coming or going. I have traveled much over the last few years. Not a bad thing if you ask me! I think one of my life's goals has been to travel. Well....check. I find myself in an interesting situation these days. I have lived here since April 8 (not that I'm counting) and have done a bit of travelling since I got here but mostly have "lived" here. A good thing I think. I am a person who likes to set her roots down once she gets somewhere. So the fact that I feel like I "live" here is a good thing, in my book. The quandry comes this week as I prepare to head north for 2!!! months. Still, no complaints. Mostly I am saying "yipee!". But I do have a few reservations.

I find myself thinking occasionally that I have only just begun, wasn't that a song? (or is it re-begun?)here and now I am leaving. How do I expect to have any real relationships if I am always leaving? Good question! Still not one I am willing to stick around in the over 100 degree heat to find the answer to. Hmmm, sorry Sugar Landians, it is just too hot for me and I have a beach, family, and much cooler weather waiting for me. I will see you all in September and we can work on our relationships then.

It is hard to leave, any time I leave somewhere. I do tend to set down roots. I will set down roots this summer in my 2 months there. Then I will have to leave those roots. For the time I am there though, I will re-establish friendships that have been neglected for the past 9 or 10 months, facebook does not really count...or does it? Let's just say it counts! I will get into a summer/shore pace of life and priorities will be different than they are in S'Land. Life will take on an easy and relaxed pace and media will be at a minimum. Hanging out with friends and family will be at a premium. There will be very little eating out and my time will be spent in about a 5 mile radius. Life up there is small in many ways but so big in some of the ways that really count. And just when I have set down those roots and gotten really used to the lovely pace of life, it will be time to leave again.

So it is with some hesitation that I leave my real life for a couple of months. I will come home refreshed and grounded and see all things new again. I am going for a while but I will be coming too.
The only constant in life is change!

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