Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Blast From the Past

One good thing about moving is that it gives you a chance to get rid of all the junk and do some serious cleaning. I shudder to think of how much garbage we would live with if we had not moved these last few times. The clutter would be insurmountable! As it is, my dear husband is one of those people who just can't throw anything away. He has papers from elementary school stashed away somewhere I am sure. Be careful what you write to him or send him, it will live forever. Most times this drives me batty as I try to rid our environment of the papers he has collected only to be busted with a plead to "please don't throw that away, I want to keep it." Aargh!

Last week, I bought a new desk for our study, a real grown up (not one salvaged from the office for $25) beautiful wood desk. It was TJ's weekend "job" to GET ORGANIZED! Please.... He was like a kid with a new toy. Yipee! If I had only known all he needed was a desk. Papers were filed, bills paid, and some papers even got thrown away. And then just when I thought he was turning over a new leaf he came across something that will only justify him never throwing anything away for as long as we both shall live. It was my write-up of our first trip to Europe with our 4 kids. Attached to it was Kelly's handwritten (in her best 7 year old printing) journal of the trip as well. The kid was a writer from early on!

A few priceless entries from the journals are:

Rachel took a shower and came out. Kelly commented that Rachel had not been in there very long. Rachel told her she had showered, shaved and washed her hair, what else was there? Kelly thought about it and replied, "Well, you didn't sing."
Later, Kelly took her shower and everyone was listening for the singing but there was none. She was still in there for quite a while. Rachel said, "Kelly, you didn't sing." Kelly said, "I know, I did the hokey pokey." Showers are one of Kelly's life's pleasures.
Still laughing out loud at that one!

All through Paris Kelly kept asking why there were so many naked women in France. Referring to the many sculptures and paintings we saw in the museums. Then she asked where were the naked men? I told her they were all in Italy. So when we went to Italy she found out that was right. The sculpture of David in Florence was all the proof she needed. Stunning.

Unpacking boxes has been a little bit like Christmas in May. You never know what you might find. Sometimes you just might find a buried treasure!

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Carol said...

I'm with TJ. I never throw anything away - especially if one of my kids created. And I love coming across it years later - (when I am finally cleaning!). What a treasure he found, eh?

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