Saturday, May 8, 2010

Car Shopping

We went car looking on Saturday. It was the annual Art Car Parade in Houston. What a fun day! There was something for everyone and a great day outside. At the end of the day TJ and I decided we would have gotten at least 4 tickets if we had been in Toronto. We parked in a very "creative" parking spot which would have resulted in at least 2 or 3 tickets upon our return to our vehicle. Then add the public beer drinking and that could have been another one or two. It was nice to have our little tailgate party with assorted food and drink and watch the parade go by. Friends, food and entertainment just going by us! It is a tough life....!

Dan Akroyd, your grand marshall

For the Americans, a little patriotism

There is even a Green Party in Texas!

For those folks in Louisiana, crawfish and fish car!

Gotta love this one!

The mirror ball award!

A close up of one of the cars! Lots of detail!

Sledding, Texas style!

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Anonymous said...

Hey.. Dan Akroyd is a Canadian... Kingston Ont.

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