Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's a Dog's Life

Sadie's new backyard.

I think our dog is depressed or maybe just getting a little crazier. In our new house the backyard is, how can I say it....very small. Nonexistent? A patio? Someone who hates mowing's nirvana? Our dog's worst dream come true? Sadie lives and breathes to run and chase squirrels and birds. There is very little running to be done in this backyard. She spends most of the day drooling on the blinds in the den looking out the window at the greenspace ouside the fence and wishing she could just get through that iron fence. We have a dog door in this house too, something I have always wished for! But, what is the use if there is nowhere to go outside the dog door? So sad for Sadie. Guiltily I have been taking her for more walks than usual. One of us is losing weight....and it's not me. Sigh. I even took her to the lovely and large dog park. I thought this would let her get some of her yaya's out....not so much. You can bring a dog to the dog park but you can't make her run and folic freely.

Sadie's Toronto backyard.

This is the backyard that Sadie spent countless hours, rain, shine, sleet and snow, patroling every inch of it for squirrels and birds. She spent hours on that deck just watching everything that moved. The backdoor was open and shut tens of times a day letting her in and out, oh for a dog door in that house!

Heaven on earth for Sadie at the shore

Finally, this is where Sadie gets to spend her summers. No fences and no boundries. She can run to her heart's delight, and she does. The only time she lies down is when she has spent all her energy running. And now for a little ranting on my part. It sure was nice to be able to put the kennel into the car and get here in 16 hours. I have been trying to figure out how we are all going to get to the shore this summer. All meaning, me, TJ and Sadie. The first 2 are easy. Sadie is becoming an issue. Some airlines won't fly dogs from Houston from May-Sept. Great....what do we do now? One airline will fly them but only on flights with pressurized, temp. controlled cargo areas (a good thing), but starting in June, the flights to our desired destination use small pressurized cargo space for Sadie. What??? I can't leave her down here in the sweltering heat alone or at a kennel for 2 months! I am getting a little frustrated right now. There has got to be a way to get her there without me having to, don't even say it...don't think it...., drive all the way up there from Houston. NOOOO! Still searching flights for the dog.

One happy dog! How can you say "no" to this?

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