Thursday, May 6, 2010

Swimming stars

Today as I went on my run/walk I had a few random thoughts. Here is how it went....
-it's nice out today, glad the humidity is not too high
-guess I'll walk for a while and then start running, the yards are all so pretty today.
-oh, look at those flowers, if I were in charge they would get "yard of the month", their flowers are sooo nice!

-start running NOW!
-I hope this is doing more good than harm, not sure how much my knees can take and for how long, but it sure does feel good to run!
-what do you think Lady Gaga was singing about in this song...maybe I have no business having it on my ipod...but I like the music, it's good to run/walk to..
-these houses are soo big, I can't believe we live here, these houses would have cost 2 1/2 times as much in Toronto, so decadent...
-I wonder if the people who live here appreciate what they have? Or do they just take it for granted? Remember to never take this for granted!

One of my favorite outdoor spots to have lunch!

-I feel like Elly Mae Clampet,living among swimming pools and movie stars! Everything is so new and beautiful!
-It sure is nice today,I'm glad I did this, and the last part of April and the beginning of May could be the best time in has been absolutely lovely outside, enjoy it while you can!

One of my favorite places to shop after lunch!

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