Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

First, it is COLD. Yes, it is really cold outside and I even admit it. Yesterday I finally had that wind in the face bracing cold experience. I can't say I've had it here yet, until yesterday. I think it was the wind and the
-20C temp. Today was a little better, not as much wind and it was sunny, but still very cold.

Second, the southern girl in me came out yesterday at work. I said "y'all" in a meeting and had to laugh at myself. I apologized to everyone and their response was, "don't worry about it, we like it." Whew! It was just such a natural word coming out of my mouth. I get different responses when I tell people where I am from, they go from"you don't have an accent" to " where are you from? Not here, that's for sure." Most of the time people know I'm from the states but they can't figure out where, they don't automatically guess I am from the south. I think that may be a good thing, I have tried not to have the big southern drawl, but I can put it on if I want to!

Third, we had a great Super Bowl party on Sunday and a fun random Thursday night out dinner. A real impromptu dinner out with friends, who ran into other friends who joined us and it turned out to be a fun dinner. Life is good.

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