Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing Outside

This weekend provided us with an opportunity to get ouside and play. Well....walk a lot. We are in training for next weekend in NYC with our friends Rick and Patty. The weekend temps were well above the freezing mark and I am afraid all they will do is tease us that it is going to be spring but we are not going to believe it.
On Saturday in honor of the record breaking warmth, TJ and I went downtown and walked with thousands of other fools who think the weather is nice. We had a great lunch and then passed by the outdoor skating rink at Phillips Square and then walked all the way up to Bloor and Yorkville. We browsed around for a while and then walked back to the car and then walked to St. Lawrence Market. We bought some yummy food to cook for dinner and then headed home. I figure we did about 2.5 hours of walking. Training.
Today was a little cooler but still nice so we took the dogs for an hour walk.
It was so funny, everyone we passed said , "nice day!" and all I could think about was , "yes it is, for Toronto in Feb." If we were in Houston or Baton Rouge everyone would be inside next to a fire complaining about how COLD it is outside. All in your perspective.
One unpleasant part of the warm days is the melting snow in the backyard. It has revealed much frozen dog poop. So after our hours of walking TJ got to go in the backyard and do poop patrol. JOY. The piles of snow outside are no longer white, they are brown and yucky. Under all that white stuff is months of sludge and slime. The beauty of it all.
Looking forward to a great weekend in the Big Apple. Stay tuned.

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Kelly said...

Haha frozen dog poop. Gross! I'm glad you guys got some time outside downtown, sounds like fun!

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