Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creative Sweating

So I've been thinking about this topic for much too long and trying to figure out how to write it down. I'll try to make it relevant and witty at the same time. It is one of those things that make you go, huh?

Sweating....up north.....in the winter. How do you do it? Anyone who knows me, knows that it does not take much for me to break into a good sweat. Hot flashes do not count either. I'm talking about the sweat that comes with running or with working out or walking in the heat. It seems like you have to be a little more creative to sweat when you live up here.

Since I really can't/shouldn't run anymore and don't belong to a gym anymore either, I have to be creative to work up a good sweat. Here are a few ways I've managed a good northern sweat this winter.

First would be the seemingly never ending chore of shoveling snow off the driveway. Since my husband, aka male snow shoveler, is never home when it dumps on us, it has been my pleasure to shovel the driveway this winter. I really don't mind this chore because I actually work up a good sweat by the end of the job. It is a good morning workout and aside from my aching shoulder I think it is good exercise.

Second would be hiking in the snow. TJ has decided that when we can, we should put our boots on and trudge through the woods after it snows. Another reasonably good workout, especially after a lot of snow. Think StairMaster. And I have found that regardless of the temperature, you can work up a sweat.

Third, and my favorite by far....hot yoga. The first time I went into the room I said to the girl, "no way I could work out in here, I'd pass out!". How wrong I was. I absolutely love hot yoga. You can't believe how good it feels to be able to exercise and sweat buckets! Yes, literally I soak at least one towel (I'm not the only one either) and it reminds me of how I would sweat during a run in Houston. I actually feel like I worked out. I guess it could be wrong to equate the amount I sweat to how good of a workout I just had, but I do.
Crow Pose

I'm sure I look just like this...well, I can do it!

I never thought I would have to try to sweat. I could sweat by walking out the door and going to the mailbox most times in Houston. Shoot, I could sweat just sitting still or going to my sister, Tamara's house (kept at a constant balmy temp. of HOT). Anyway, I find it rather amusing and amazing that I now have to try to work up a good sweat. What is happening?
Enjoy the day!

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rachnd1213 said...

There was a time in my life when every time I called home Mom described it as hot and miserable. That was when they lived in Houston. I still get a weather report almost every time I call home, which is in the range of semi-daily to daily, but it has much more variety than "Hot," and my vote would be that you like the variety more.

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