Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Fun

So last night it snowed....a ton! A very unpredicted and unexpected snow. We woke up this morning and were amazed at the foot of snow outside. The sky was beautiful blue and the blanket of snow was so pretty. Sometimes it is a pain to wake up and have to shovel the driveway but today was just lovely. And I didn't shovel, TJ did. It truly was a winter wonderland outside.
We dropped Kelly off a the airport, kissed and cried after having her here for 3 weeks. I think TJ was trying to distract me but whatever....we went to a conservation area in Milton/Burlington and played in the snow! We thought about renting snow shoes but ended up just hiking the paths through the woods with Sadie the dog. There were cross country skiers and snowshoers and hikers on the paths through the woods. It was just beautiful. Great excercise, and so invigorating. We walked for over an hour in the sunshine and just enjoyed the winter. To enjoy winter here you just have to embrace it and go out and do something. Maybe skiing again this week!!!???

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