Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Pub Experience

The Brogue Inn
Port Credit, Ontario
So after visiting a few pubs in the area I am compelled to write about the pub experience. Remember Cheers, where everyone knew your name? I know there are a lot of people who have their local watering hole and are regulars there but I haven't had that experience since I was in college. Yes, I had a regular bar and spend many a night there with friends. I'm sure it was always after I had done all of my homework! Except for college kids I'm not sure the whole pub thing exists to a great extent in the south, or in the life I lead in the south. It just wasn't something we did or a place we socialized.

I saw a glimpse of the pub thing when I visited Rachel in Madison. The Friday Night Fish Fry is a local happening. Everyone goes to the local pub and has fish fry on Friday nights. Except for Louisiana during Lent, I haven't seen that for a long time. People of all ages go out and you have your "place" and you see the same people every weekend. Fun!

I used to think pubs were dark and smokey places and not a place you would go for dinner or a night out. Well, little did I know that, yes, they are! After sampling a few of the local pubs I find that they are great places to have dinner or a drink with friends and they are family friendly and some are even brightly lit. You see families and people from 19-90 years of age all there to have a good meal and a drink and visit friends. I have decided it is a great way to get out in the winter and look at someone elses four walls. One thing I am looking forward to is patio season. Some of the pubs we have been to have outside patios and are apparently very popular when it gets warmer. Can't wait!

This weekend was very cold and snowy and we went out both nights to new pubs, one night we made some new friends and the next one we met old friends. We took turns being the DD for anyone who is worried. Cheers!

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