Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Year Later

Today is the one year anniversary of our move north. Am I better or worse than I was a year ago? Good question.
The good: The house is looking much better. Things are organized and the boxes are gone. I am working, which is a very good thing. It has been great to live so much closer to our farmhouse and be able to get all our stuff/junk delivered there. I finally feel like I have figured out banking, paying bills, and health care. As long as I don't need the health care for anything but routine things. We have made a point of exploring the area and have found some great places! There is so much to do and see here and we have only touched the surface. From Niagara Falls and the wine country to downtown Toronto and all the fun neighborhoods here to Montreal and the history there. Lots to do and see. Another good thing is late spring and summer and fall. I just love the flowers that grow here and seeing the seasons change.

The bad: Well, there was that broken arm thing last year in February. I feel much better now and hope to never do that again. The winter is very cold and very long. That can be good and bad but the last two winters have proven to be record breakers, lucky us. Lots and lots of snow and they keep saying, "this is unusual, it never snows this much." Hahaha, you must be kidding. I savour sunny days, they are wonderful. Regardless of the temperature. Another bad thing is that we don't really have a lot of friends just yet. Kind of hard to make friends when you aren't here that much, I'm working on that now. Staying in town and trying to connect.

So happy anniversary, I had a much better day today than I did a year ago. I promise that!

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