Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Highlights

Christmas has come and gone and it is a new year. Where to start? Everyone except Michael made it home for Christmas. We had a week of family fun. Kelly arrived first on the 17th and then Katie on the 20th and Rachel,Matt and Daniel on the 22nd. The house worked out well and everyone had their own bed and their own "space" if they wanted it. I am so glad I got the basement fixed up in time.

We spent much of the first few days anticipating the arrival of Katie's luggage. It arrived 4 days after she did. She was a good sport about it and ended up with a few downtown Toronto purchases compliments of Continental airlines.

Having an 8 month old around a non child proof house is interesting. How many adults does it take to watch one 8 month old? At least 6! He is as cute as the day is long but boy is he a busy guy. Reminds me so much of Rachel at the age, constant movement and curiosity. Guess he will be very smart.

We were treated to a nice snowfall before Christmas and everything was white and truly picturesque for Christmas. The actual day was perfectly lovely, the sky was blue and the sun shown, a rarity for this time of year I have decided. We had Linda, Hugh and Lesley over for Christmas dinner and it was nice to have a full table and extra family with us to celebrate.

The family at Niagara Falls

We went to Niagara Falls on Boxing Day and saw the falls and then visited Niagara on the Lake for dinner at a great Irish pub. A great way to get out and see some stuff and air out everyone. We had a little trouble with cabin fever I think. We all needed our time out and away during the week.

For New Year's TJ, Kelly and I went to Montreal to visit the Lavallees. Kelly and Lilia had planned to get together and we went along and visited as well. Montreal is very cold! Kelly and Lilia survived New Year's Eve in a cottage without running water and no central heat, only a wood stove. Yes, it was about 5 degrees F that night, brrrr. We got to see much of the area and were happy to spend time with good friends to start the year out.

Back home to the rubble. Take down the 2 trees and all the decorations and try to get some organization back into life. 2 weeks of company and travel and eating and drinking can make it tough. Time to get into a routine again and start the year off right. I am anxious to see what 2009 will bring for our family. 2008 was a big year with a move and a new grandson. What will the events of 2009 be? I look forward to finding out.

From my new computer I say goodbye and will attach pictures when I figure this machine out!

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