Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Day Is It??

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you keep having to figure out what day it is?  If we are in church... it must be Sunday.  But's Saturday, I'm so confused.  If we are outside all day exercising and doing chores then have dinner with friends it must be Saturday!  Oops, that was Sunday.  I think this is where it all began this week and the reason I still keep having to remind myself of the day.  Add a holiday on Monday and Ash Wednesday to the week and every day either seemed like Sunday or Monday.  Can Friday just get here already?

Some weeks go by on a regular schedule and we are very aware of the day of the week.  Sunday, go to church.  Monday, teach class.  Tuesday, golf.  Wednesday, teach class.  Thursday, yoga.  Friday, whoo hoo!  Saturday, chores and fun.  Many of us have a predictable pattern on most weeks.  Some weeks are chaos and there is no pattern.  I like those weeks.  Some days are anticipated; the day you leave on a trip, a special lunch with a friend, book club (well at least for me!), an important meeting.  We find ourselves counting down the days until that occasion and as a result we know exactly the day of the week. 

Is it this day yet?

I thought this week would be one of those weeks because we are leaving on our ski trip on Friday.  BUT...except for today (Ash Wednesday) I have had my days all confused and keep having to count backwards and forwards to figure out the day of the week.  Am I losing it?  Don't answer that!  It's like when you wake up somewhere and have to lie there for a minute to figure out where you are....what?  that never happens to you!!! Come on!   Anyway, I don't know if this week has flown by or crept by because I've had a couple of Sundays, a couple of Tuesdays, a Wednesday and it's still not Friday.  I do hope I remember to get to the airport tomorrow for my flight.  After all of this anticipation, it would be a tradegy to miss that ski trip....which starts on FRIDAY.  That is tomorrow, right?  Once we get there, who cares what day it is!

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Pat said...

I hope you have a wonderful ski trip and can't wait to hear about it!!

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