Friday, March 2, 2012

The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent*

*of whom there were none.....

At the beginning of our trip one of the guys asked the group if we had ever heard the song "Red Solo Cup".  That question lead to what would be the unlikely and hilarious theme song of our ski trip.  Our husbands serenaded us with "the song" from the  middle of a ski run while we were above them on a chairlift.  We had our shuttle driver get an entire bus load of people sing  "the song" to TJ when he climbed into the bus alone.  This actually made him a bit famous and he was given a shout out in the hot tub...."I know him, he's Solo cup guy!"  Hehehe...if "the song" was sung once, it was sung 50 times during our trip, go figure! We are all responsible adults (really!) and there we were singing that stupid song, over and over, it must have been the altitude!  It ran through my head at bedtime, on the ski slopes and I still find myself singing it occasionally and if you listen to it you will be singing it all day too!  If I ever hear "the song" on the radio I will get a little smile on my face and remember all the fun we had at Steamboat!  It was that kind of trip. 

The Red Solo Cups!

The only un-fun part of the trip was when they closed one side of the mountain due to high winds and everyone had to ride one lift to get to another less windy area.  No tempers were lost in this mass evacuation.

Last run of the trip, nothing broken except my heart because this means winter is officially over, at least for me.

It snowed the day we left...perfect timing!

Spring can arrive now, I've had my snow fix for the year...I guess. 

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