Thursday, February 9, 2012

Got Goals?

I am living with a couple of physical fitness nuts.  My husband and my second daughter are training for a 180 mile bike ride for charity in April.  That makes them do crazy things like spin class at 6 a.m..  They are totally focused on when the next ride will be and how far it will be and how many miles they can log in a week.  They have a goal they are determined to reach.

We have Marathon Girl living with us for a few months while she does an internship in Houston and she is training for the Boston Marathon.  Needless to say, training for a marathon is intense.  I would not know because running 3 miles would be a marathon for me and it is merely a warm up for Marathon Girl.  Her goal is to train without getting injured in the process and run in Boston!

I am surrounded by people training for something.  I am starting to feel like I should set a goal and start training!  OK, maybe I'll start training to break 100 on the golf course.  A goal that has eluded me thus far and on many occasions seems totally out of reach... until I have a good round and I feel like it is just around the corner.  Lately, the corner has been all the way down the block though.  Maybe I can train for our upcoming ski trip.  Oops....too late, it's only two weeks away.  Better do more wall squats to strengthen my quads and maybe ride the bike a little, I hear it helps on the slopes.  Something about that whole balance thing along with working the quads.

Obviously, I am not as goal oriented as my husband, my daughter or Marathon Girl. Goals are good, they give you direction.  Guess I should set a few and get a little direction in my life.  I did recently take a step to get closer to one of my goals.  It is less of a  physical fitness goal and more a mental fitness goal.  I have wanted to take a writing course for a while, to learn some tricks of the trade and see where I lie on the Richter scale of writing.  Many of the courses offered are just not what I am looking for.  It is not my goal to publish the next great novel, I just want to improve my writing skills.  I don't need a grammar lesson, some might disagree, but that is not what I'm looking for either.  I found a course that comes close to what I am looking for, it isn't perfect, but at least I am going to jump in and get my feet...or in this case, hands, wet.  The course begins at the end of February and to say I am already a bit intimidated would be an understatement!  Someone else is going to read what I write and "grade" it for the first time in over 30 years, yikes!  Writing for a semi-anonymous cyberspace public is one thing but writing and being judged by a professional and compared to other students is another thing.  Will I be able to think of original material?  Will my ideas seem elementary?  Will I be able to stay awake for the entire class?  ( It is from 1-3 in the afternoon, I remember sleeping through every university course I had at that time of day!  The post lunch nap always won!)  You can all look forward to riveting posts during the month of March as I improve my writing skills.  Then again, I may not even have time to post anything on this here blog because I will be busy doing homework!

P.S.  If you want to help my husband and/or my daughter reach their financial goals for their MS150 bike ride click here   Husband   Daughter


Amelia Jones said...

this post was very inspirational l and I am now following you!

I'm having a giveaway at the moment if you would like to have a look at it? :)

Amelia xx

aiza said...
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Pat said...

Good luck with your writing class! I think being "graded" would be intimidating, but very beneficial. You already seem to express yourself quite well, so I hope you will be pleasantly surprised with the feedback you get.

Lisa said...

Thanks Pat! Yes, I am looking forward to my class and hopefully some positive feedback.

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