Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Redeeming January

I found winter!  It lives in Madison, Wisconsin.  I visited it last weekend.  All is right with the world!
I also found my awesome grandsons!

You have no idea how nice it was to visit an area that experiences "real" winter!  I am so glad that I decided to take matters into my own hands a few weeks ago and made reservations to get out of the temperate south, at least for a few days!  Grandsons can be a real lure too, especially when they are young and cute and changing every day.  The thought of missing out on some of those wonderful moments is enough to attract even the coldest of hearts much less my warm heart.  I could not get enough....of the grandsons or the cold weather! 

This is Daniel playing with his train set

January may be redeemed after all.  I will not fret about the seasonably warm temperatures predicted for tomorrow or the humidity because I can still feel the dampness in my snow boots from the weekend.  Some people talk about the sand in their suitcases after a winter trip, I talk about the wet snow boots!  Yes, I'm a little strange...from what I hear.  I got to do some of my favorite things, like...

shovel a little snow!!!

play in the snow with my daughter and the boys!

or go sledding!  So much fun!!

So I got to experience some winter and play with Daniel and Christopher.  I even go to go to a hot yoga-ahhh class.  All in all I would say it was ALMOST enough to redeem January. 
I will just try to forget that it is February 1st and the thermometer says 80 degrees, maybe I should go outside and do some yoga!


Mary said...

well considering that we here in the "snow belt" have had minimal snowfall and some record warm temps this winter. I am glad you were able to get up north during a snowy period. I have only had to shovel a couple of time this year.

Lisa said...

Mary, there was not a huge amount of snow but I was lucky enough to be there on a weekend when they got an inch or two both nights. Nothing like a little fresh layer of snow. Yes, it has been mild there too. Weird!

Pat said...

What fun to read about the snow and playing with grandsons! I live in Scotland, but we don't get much snow in this part. I always felt bad for my kids, and my grandson. I grew up in St. Louis, MO, where they have "real" winter. It is a pleasure to be cold and play outside.

Naeem said...
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irmanali said...
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aiza said...
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