Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break Part 2 and Morning Madness

Rocky Mountain High
Part 2 of Spring Break has been spent in Park City, Utah.  Our last taste of cool weather for a while and I am enjoying every minute of it!  The first part of the week we had an interesting cast of characters.  One of my sisters, one of my friends and one of my cousins were all here. When you put 4 people together who have never traveled together you take a gamble, things could work out well or they could go horribly wrong.  We must all be living right because it went better than we imagined!   We each had a ski buddy and the laughs never stopped. 

We each had our role, my sister was the chef and made sure we ate well and had great happy hour refreshments every afternoon.  A key ingredient to a successful day of skiing!  We would all ski and then limp our way home and head directly to the hot tub for a little therapy.  We made lot friends in the tub... we are a chatty bunch and people like us, that was my friend and my cousin's job, make friends.  They also provided much comic relief and did the dishes.  I'll refer to them as Tort and Retort.  Their 5 days were spent playing off of each other and one upping each other, we did pass the buck every once in a while and picked on a different person from time to time just to make it fair but most of the time the comments were aimed at my friend or my cousin.  They threw them back at us most of the time too.

TJ arrived on day 3 of the trip.  We were all doing our usual "not that early in the morning" routine for a few days and then things changed.  Loud Morning Man was in the building.  On his first day TJ tried his best to sleep in but was wide awake at 6:30 a.m., thankfully he decided to go out and find other early risers to have a cup of coffee with and read the newspaper.  When he came back an hour later we were all just beginning to stir.  Since he was already 2 cups of coffee ahead of us he started to make breakfast.  He was talking on his cell phone, in his cell yell, and cooking sausage.  I guess in his caffiene induced excitement he cooked the sausage on high and the smoke set off the smoke alarm....all before 8 a.m.   I am sure our neighbors were thrilled with us!  We had rare inside blackened sausage with our eggs that morning...but we were all awake!  We fully excpected ot hear his famous line...."we are burning daylight"  at any minute that morning.  We made it to the slopes in record time and a good time was had by all.

the gang is all here, loud morning man is in the red coat

We had a fantastic day with the 5 of us and then my sister, Tort and Retort had to go home to their real lives.  It was sad and quiet when the left.  We did however have reinforcements arriving.  TJ's brother arrived the same day the friends and other family left so TJ and I did not have to spend any time alone together...unless we wanted to!  

It has been great running into all of our "new friends" here and there.  We sure do love the laid back atmosphere and spending the day outdoors in the snow.  Pretty nice life, if your knees can hold out.  So far so good.  Tomorrow is our last day and I am almost ready to go back home, even though it will be the beginning of the heat and humidity.  But more about that later.  Right now, I'm going to enjoy my last Rocky Mountain high.
The perfect end to the perfect day!

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