Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Blessings

A blessing is when you notice someone for who they are, pay attention to them in a positive way, treat them in a special way or pray for them.  Have you been a blessing to anyone today?  We should all bless someone every day,  pay attention to them, treat someone special or pray for them.  When we bless someone, we are blessed too so I guess it is a win/win situation!   Right?

I had a little personal realization tonight driving home from my late night French class.  I have the pleasure of watching two special children this week.  My niece and nephew are staying with us for the week while their parents take a much needed and deserved vacation.  It only hit me tonight after our day together what a blessing this is for me.  I could look at this week as extra work or an inconvenience but instead it hit me tonight that I am sooo lucky to be able to share time with these kids (without their parents) and get to truly know them.  I am young enough and have enough energy to keep up with them, well.... I'll get back with you on Saturday night and let you know if I have enough energy...but so far I'm doing fine.  I have the opportunity and the will to really pay attention to them, treat them special and just be with them for a week.  What a blessing! 

I also have about 41 blessings and counting. 41 followers!  Wow!  If you are out there and you really read all this stuff, make a comment and let me know what your blessings have been lately!  You are one of mine.  I'll be playing with the kids this week so might not be writing much....or then again, I might just be totaly inspired!  That would be a blessing too!

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Mary said...

Ok so this week when I am counting my blessings I am counting 13 years of wedded bliss to my beloved John. He is the joy in my life and I am a very blessed woman! Enjoy the kids this week.

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