Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break, Part 1

Spring Breakers in are never too old for Spring Break!

My March break began last weekend in Dallas.  Every spring break should begin with 3 days of eating, drinking, laughing and fellowship!  I call it the "warm up" weekend.  I spent 3 days in Dallas with my cousin and her friend ( and mine too).  One Canadian and two Americans, who love Canada.  We were treated to perfect spring conditions, sunny skies, moderate temperatures and lots of wind!  Gotta love spring in Texas.  If you are ever hungry or thirsty you should visit my cousin!  That girl knows how to entertain.  I am sure I gained weight, even though we were diligent and did much walking on Sat. and Sunday, I don't  think we came close to breaking even.  The weekend was a great warm up for things to come.

Those things were.......
my niece and nephew

There are other people in the world besides me who need/want to take vacations and two of them are my niece and nephew's parents.  They wanted to get away so badly that they entrusted their two children to TJ and me!  I know.....   All kidding aside, we are taking care of the kids while mom and dad enjoy some and dad time, because all moms and dads need to get away sometime.  After being empty nesters for the last 4 years, going from 0-2 kids is quite the adjustment.  When they are yours things gradually build, first there is one and then there are two and you just get used to it all.  Going from none to two in one day, after 3 days of pre spring break frivolity in Dallas, is an adjustment.  I was definitely up to the challenge!  We are going to have some fun this week!

The first item on our adgenda was the zoo.  Tuesday was absolutely the quintessential spring day, perfect for a trip to the zoo.  Apparently that is what everyone else in Houston thought too.  We could not get within a mile of the zoo in our car, the traffic was so bad and the parking was non-existent!  We/I decided to excercise plan B.  The rodeo!  Conveniently in town for Spring Break.  Since everyone else in Houston was apparently at the zoo, the rodeo and livestock show was relatively free of crowds.  We got to see chickens hatching from eggs, baby sheep being born, rabbits and calves.  Almost as good as the zoo, but better!  There is also a fair at the rodeo with overpriced rides for everyone.  Niece and nephew were ready to ride!  They got to ride the rides and each won a very nice stuffed animal, take that overcrowded zoo!  We win!  It really was a ton of fun and the kids loved it too.
Day two was spent playing at the park.  Playground dynamics are very interesting to observe from my perspective now.  Did I see these things when my kids were young or is it only out of my more experienced eyes that I see the dynamics?  I love sitting to the side and just watching everything unfold.  Making friends out of strangers.  Kids are just so innocent and precious.  Both kids made "friends for the day", I even overheard a conversation between my nephew and his new friend about meeting at the park tomorrow!  Sooo cute!  We went to Target and bought a few things and yes, I spent a little cash on the kids, just to make sure I spoiled them a bit!  We bought a puzzle and spent the better part of the day after lunch putting the puzzle together.  How fun is that?

an afternoon well spent!

 As if the park and the puzzle were not enough, we went to the rodeo that night and got to see the entire show!  They even do bucking broncos, bull riding, calf roping and the calf scramble.  The kids loved did the adults!

The next day I decided to brave the crowds once again.  Not the zoo this time but the Children's Museum.  This is an awesome place if you are a kid!  I know my own children are as smart as they are because we brought them to places like this when they were young.  Kid nirvana.  So much to see, touch, explore and learn while having fun doing it all.  Needless to say, a good time was had by all.  We stayed until we were starving and the only reason we left was because we were each fading due to starvation. 

Today we just had a low key day.  You, walk the dog, build leprechaun traps, do another puzzle, swim, play on the trampolene,  fish fry at the church and a sleepover with Katie.  This is the point at which I collapsed for a bit.  Ahhhh, the kids are at a sleepover, time for me to have some downtime.  I truly forget how much time and energy it takes to be a full time mom.  I did it and still have forgotten.  Shout out to all you full time moms!
check out the horns on this guy!

Mom and Dad get home tomorrow.  I am not sure who had more fun, the parents or the kids! I hope the kids had a good time.  I had fun.  I will head to the mountains for a little break of my own next week.  I only hope it is not a literal break as in body part break, only a spiritual and mental break in the mountains with some friends and family.  Stay tuned for some lovely mountain photos!

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Lenore said...

What a great time was had by your niece and nephew, eh? Great activities. And, that's a great shot of you and your one American and your one Canadian friend. "Like"

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