Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Lost Paragraph

As I reread my latest blog post last night I noticed that my favorite paragraph was gone!  I'm sure when I posted it that the paragraph was in there but last night it had disappeared.  I started wondering if the subject of the paragraph had snuck into my blog and deleted the paragraph.  I tried to recreate the paragraph but my attempt came up short.  I included it anyway but am not pleased with the writing. 
The lost paragraph was a rare combination of wit, vocabulary, and subject matter that comes along once in a while when I write.  I was so disappointed when I tried to rewrite.  The moment was gone and the brain just wasn't in the same place.  Sad for all of you who are going to miss out on some "good stuff" (in my humble opinion).  You might be able to read the last post and figure out which paragraph is the new but not improved paragraph.  The lost one had phrases like "caffeine induced exuberance" and told the story so much better but alas I can't recreate so I included an attempt, a second rate paragraph that only halfway describes the morning madness of the last post. 
If I find the culprit who deleted that most excellent bit of writing I will wrestle him/her to the ground and demand that it be given back.  Honestly though, I must have inadvertently erased it when I attached the photo....that is what I get for writing late at night.  Wit and mistakes. 

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