Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perfect Timing

What is the best thing that could happen if you were planning to host a party for 60 people and have a house full of company for a week, during the Christmas holidays? could win the lottery to buy all those gifts and have unlimited access to a full housekeeping staff along with a chef and find a source of boundless energy!  OR you could get the killer cold your husband brought home for the holidays.  Yes, you guessed it, no wait staff at our house, only a coughing, sniffling, sneezing hostess.  Don't worry though, Kelly is home from school and will be my sous chef and what she isn't making I am ordering, so the yummy food will not be contaminated! Since I am an optomist, I am going to think that it is a good thing that I caught his cold on Tuesday night before our big Saturday soiree instead of catching it on Friday, I should be able to perform my hostessing duties by Saturday.  In other good news, I will be back up to speed next week when Rachel and Matt and the grandsons arrive for Christmas.  See?  I am an optomist, achoo!

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