Saturday, December 11, 2010

Drinking and Shopping

TJ and I went out to a lovely French restaurant tonight.  We had a fantastic dinner with a bottle of wine.  We went out early because we are nerds.  Really, we were just hungry and had been busy all day and....we are nerds.  After our delicious dinner and our bottle of wine, we headed out of the parking lot when I suddenly remembered I was out of tea! 

My morning motivation

Being out of tea in the morning for me is like not being able to breathe, I went into an immediate panic.  We have got to go to the grocery store NOW.  Forget the lovely dinner and the bottle of wine we just had and go directly to the grocery store.  Isn't that the perfect end to a night out? I went straight from dinner to breakfast, maybe that explains the weight issue. Back to the emergency at hand though.... we have nothing for breakfast!  TJ suggested we could just eat the leftover cranberry sauce with toast in the morning, it is kind of like jelly!  There is always the option of leftover chicken and pasta with pesto, another yummy choice.  No!  I guess we have to do it, we have to go to the grocery store for the grand finale to our romantic night out. 

We both laughed all the way to the store, probably because of that bottle of wine we just drank.  We laughed at how ridiculous we would look in our nice "going out for a romantic dinner" clothes in the grocery store.  We laughed all the way through the first aisle of the store until a lady wearing an evening gown walked in and we were toast (with cranberry sauce jelly)!  You can only imagine the items that ended up in our drunken cart.  They tell you not to shop when you are hungry, there is no warning about shopping after drinking.  If we had to survive on what was in our cart we might just starve, but we would have tea! 

Yes, I think a great laugh is the best way to end a romantic night out with your husband. Tea anyone?

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