Monday, December 27, 2010

Just pictures for now

Guess what Daniel and Christopher got?

Katie and Kelly being silly with birch trees

Christopher sporting his bathtub mohawk

Childproofing...keeping the kids away from the tree and the stairs!

Sadie staying cozy and safe

Christopher just chillin'
Merry Christmas!  I'm putting pictures for now just as a change of scenery on the blog.  We have a full house and the stomach flu is working it's way systematically through everyone so as I don't really have the energy to write much I thought I'd post some pictures.  There is sure to be a long blog post when things settle down around here.  Think of all the topics I have to write about, grandkids, kids, the flu, Christmas, so much to say, so little energy to write. Suffice it to say the Christmas cards and letters have experienced yet another set back! 


Mary said...

Merry Christmas! love the pics and hope the flu passes through your house quickly! We had it a couple of weeks ago here and it was not pretty. Happy New year to you and yours.

Steve Finnell said...
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