Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring?? is here!

Well, I think there are a few uniquely Canadian signs that spring is here. First one is the "running of the maple syrup". Yes folks, it is really an event up here. All over the newspaper there are articles of people strapping on their snow shoes to go and get some of that famous maple syrup. Actually, it sounds like a lot of fun, and yummy too. Of course, being from the south, we think Aunt Jemima invented maple syrup and never knew your could just go out to a tree and get it yourself. Is there any real maple in the stuff we get at the store anyway? Guess we will have to get some "fresh" maple syrup this year!

The other sign that spring is here is the Brier. Sponsored by Tim Horton's! Who else? The Brier, for those of you from south of the US/Canadian border is the men's curling championship. Don't you feel smarter already? We had the pleasure of joining friends for dinner and to watch the Brier on Sunday evening. They were getting us back for making them watch the Super Bowl. Dinner was fabulous!!! And we did see the end of the curling. Ontario lost unfortunately. Our friend knew some of the players personally. Can't say I knew anyone playing in the Super Bowl personally. Riveting game and an enjoyable evening. I really am a sports junkie!

Spring is officially here according to the calendar. I just hope that Mother Nature listens up and things get a little more like spring. The "big melt" is on these days. I think we had a whole week of temps above freezing during the day. The mountains of snow are down to hills of snow and no snow at all in some places. I can see spots of grass in my back yard, it really must be spring. The unfortunate thing about being above freezing though is that the precipitation takes the form of rain now and not snow. Snow is much prettier, I think. I see tulips in the stores and people are getting a little antsy for spring so it must be time! Bring it on! I can't wait to see the first blooms of the next season.

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