Friday, March 14, 2008

Travel as Therapy

Over the last few weeks we have been out of town every weekend. This was all planned before the skiing accident. "To go or not to go?", that is the question. I made it to and from Rachel's shower and felt much better when I got home, maybe another road trip will help just as much.
TJ and I went to New York City to meet friends of ours from our Columbus,GA days. It has become an annual thing and so much fun! We got to see "Wicked" on Broadway. Excellent! Ate out and had great food and wine. We did a walking tour of Greenwich Village food places and restaurants. So informative and yummy. My walking was labored but I pushed myself and tried to keep up with Rick, aka Speedy. I could not keep up. It was great to be in above freezing temps with no snow or ice anywhere to be seen! We all had a great visit and have vowed to do this next year too.
Back home and TJ is going to Montreal for work. He asked if I wanted to go. Since I have not been anywhere lately! OK, I am such a fool. We head to Montreal for a couple of days, with the dogs in tow. They were so happy! Talk about snow! Our friends who we stayed with have even more snow than we do. They also have 3 dogs of their own, so there were 5 dogs at their house. They got along surprisingly well too. Montreal seems like a very nice city and I think I would love to visit again in warmer weather, in better health so I can do some sightseeing and shopping. I am tired of being on the road though and the thought of going home and just repacking is not making me happy. The only think that makes the next trip worth the trouble is sun and warmer weather!

Home for a day and then off the San Diego! What a LONG flight from over here. The palm trees, sunshine and warm air were sooo worth it. We were surrounded by Canadians at the Buffalo airport who were fleeing the tundra for March break. I was glad to be one of them. I definitely understand the need for "March Break" now. We had a beautiful visit with Kirk and Mary Kate. MK gave me some much needed physical therapy help for the arm and the knee. I trust her and hope this all helps.

Back home and here for a while! It feels good to unpack and do laundry and watch the snow melt. We missed a monster snow storm while we were gone. Yippee! Now the big melt is on. It could take a month for all the snow to go away though. Everyone here is hoping we set the all time record for snow in a winter. Only 9 cm. to go.

In was good to be forced to travel. I think if I had sat around here and tried to get well I would have gone crazy first and might not have healed as quickly as I am. Still not 100% but it has only been 4 weeks. Taking your mind off the pain and inconvenience is helpful. It doesn't hurt to be surrounded by family and friends either. Now we are home until the grand baby arrives. Time to do some stuff around here and regroup for the next adventure. Who knew life would be such an adventure when we got here? Maybe a little too much of an adventure, eh?

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