Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Part 3

Friday! Feb. 15,2008
TJ finally got back from Newfoundland. Yes, did I mention that while all this was happening, my husband was on a business trip? He finally got home and to the hospital.
Valerie headed back to Houston, I'm sure she was glad to get out of that hospital. I had planned to show her so much more than just the ER at the hospital! We were going to have a great week. Best laid plans.... they will do the surgery. We think.
Another day of no food or water. I did not even need pain meds for the day. I was walking around little by little trying to work my hurt knee and get out of the bed I had been in for 3 days.
Finally, at 7pm TJ and our nurse Lydia inquired in the O.R. and they said it was time. If I could have jumped onto the operating table I would have at this point. Anyone who know me knows that hospitals, needles, surgery, any of it is definitely not my thing but I wanted to get going and get home!
Turns out I am very healthy. All the blood tests, EKG, and whatever else they needed to know about me before operating says I am healthy. Good to know.
Don't remember the surgery, duh. Remember the room spinning when I was coming out of the anesthesia.
I knew it would hurt more after the surgery for a while than it did before. I was right. But I am on the road. I got to eat! Slept like a baby with all the meds. The over the elbow cast is gone and replaced with a soft stretchy ace bandage and some gauze underneath over the incisions.

I went home Sat. morning, as soon as they would let me! Not a moment too soon.

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