Thursday, April 3, 2008

When the snow melts

The big news lately is about the big melt. More accurately, what the big melt leaves behind. Never having experienced this amount of snow, or the melting season, I find all of this very curious. Apparently, everyone in Toronto is concerned about all the trash that is being exposed when the snow is melting. I definitely see what they mean too. Cigarette butts, garbage, leaves, and tons of mud and sand are sitting in the streets and on the sidewalks. Lovely. A regular column in the paper is a picture of the most disgusting street scene and the plea for the city to clean it up. Usually, the city is on the ball and does clean it up quickly, a good thing. The difference is remarkable. I guess it will take a while to recover from the winter. There are signs every day though that we will recover and that the real spring is right around the corner.
I am looking forward to the blossoming of trees and the flowers popping up from the ground. The grass is green under all that snow and the crocus and tulips are just waiting to show their faces. The days are sunny and it is light until 8pm. I think I will like the spring and summer and all the hours of daylight.

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