Thursday, October 9, 2014

Am I Delusional or Optimistic?

I keep reminding myself that I "wanted" to come home from the shore.  I am the one who said it was time to leave the green grass, the water view, the garden fresh vegetables in the backyard, the cool breezes and the friendly familiar surroundings.  For some crazy reason I thought, as I do every year, that it would be Fall when I got home.  The calendar says it's Fall, the sun and the moon say it, even the sweaters and boots in the stores say it.   According to all sources....except the weather, Fall is here.  I continue to hope against hope that someday Houston will suddenly turn into California and have low humidity and moderate temperatures in September and October.  I hope to arrive home to lovely evenings we can spend outside on the patio without being carried away by mosquitoes and sweating profusely.  Am I delusional or optimistic?

This is what my windows look like in the morning.  No, it did not rain!
It is so humid,our double-pane insulated windows even sweat.
When I walk into my kitchen and see the windows look like this, I know it will feel like a hot wet blanket outside.  Not something that screams, "let's go out and play golf", but I do anyway.  Eternally optimistic....or delusional?  Yesterday I played golf.  I drank a ton of water and sweat it out as fast as I could drink.  Yes, it was 90 degrees and humid like you don't even know unless you live in Texas or Louisiana.  The rest of you can just forget it, you don't know humidity like we know humidity.  Believe me, I felt delusional by the time we finished but it was probably just dehydration.

I bought a new shirt to wear to a football game in a couple of weeks.
Guess who is playing in the game?
I am hoping that since the game is at the end of October, I will be able to wear a 3/4 sleeve shirt and be comfortable.  Plus this cute shirt did not come in a tank top.  This is just the kind of thinking that continues to get me in trouble and disappoints me over and over.  Inevitably it will be hot and humid.... but a girl can hope..right?!  Delusional or Optimistic?

Speaking of football.... I still have hope that my team will not disappear into oblivion this season.  They are going to win some of the big games, I just know it!  Delusional or Optimistic?

 I examined a few other things in my life and realize this is a common theme!  I have always thought of myself as an optimist but maybe I'm just delusional.  I prefer to think of it as optimistic!  How optimistic of me....

I have been home for almost a month which means  it's time to go somewhere! So this weekend I'm going to escape the heat and humidity!  I'm heading up to Philadelphia to visit my LG.  Optimistically I am hoping for nice crisp clear weather and trees full of yellow, red and orange leaves.   I'll let you know how it goes!

Are you optimistic or delusional?

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