Monday, January 6, 2014

The Party Is Over

And so it begins....another year.
I usually don't "love" New Year's Eve.  I find it never quite lives up to the hype and as much as it pains me to admit, I have a hard time staying up past midnight these days.  This year was different!  Is this a sign?

We were still in Nova Scotia on New Year's Eve and went right across the street to a party.  No need to worry about which one of us would have to be the designated driver, we were free to drink... responsibly.  We bundled up, it was -20C, and walked to the party.  (Yes, we take on polar bear qualities when we are immersed in snowy wintry conditions)  We knew every single person at the party!  That is my kind of party!

The party itself was attended by young, old and all ages in between.  One of the many blessings of life at the shore are the multi-generational get togethers.  We had tons of delicious food, signature drinks, and on top of it all there was hockey and curling on the pond next door.  I can't say I actually witnessed the curling, I stayed inside and "made sure the fire did not go out"....I have my limits people and -20C is one of them!

This young man ?  braved the cold and participated in the curling,
 he also tried some creative ways to stay warm.
His glasses immediately fogged up when he came inside!
Winter up north has a few unique necessities aside from the obvious good boots, warm coats, hats and gloves.   A large mudroom is a must in any northern home.  The mudroom is the staging area for putting on and taking off all the winter gear.  We don't really have a need for mudrooms down here, except for mud...and much mud do flip flops drag in anyways?

A nice self respecting full use!
We brought in the new year with cheers and hugs and kisses all around.  I loved being up there and bringing in the year with my summer friends and relatives.  Since the party was attended by many children things broke up soon after midnight....perfect!  We bundled back up and walked home, I'm sure we were stone sober by the time we got there.....-20C can do that!

So, here we are in 2014 and it's time to get back to work.  The holidays are officially over...or they will be tonight after the BCS Championship game...for me at least.  I guess it's that dreaded time of year when I am supposed to resolve to get healthier, organize my life, write at least once a week on the blog,  and be a better person.  Since we have a big wedding coming up in May, I will join the resolutionists this year and try to fight the flab in order to fit into that elusive-perfect-mother-of-the-bride dress.  The party is over......but it sure was fun!


Steve Christie said...

Lisa, great blog and it was wonderful seeing you, TJ and the kids and gkids. Nice picture of Kevin. xo ?

Lisa said...

Thanks! Just one of the many reasons we love you guys! It really was great to see everyone!

Linda Saucier said...

You continue to entertain me with your posts. I love them!
Happy New Year, Lisa! I wish you a wonderful 2014.

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