Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Would You, Could December?

Would you, could you... go to Paris in December?  That is the question.  December is the month of shopping, decorating, cooking, planning, preparing, nesting!  December has never been a month I would consider a big travel month, except to see family for Christmas.  I guess I've always had plenty to keep me busy at home during the month of December.  All this...coming from the person some people refer to as Carmen San Diego.  But, it looks like things may be different this year.

The City of Lights...all lit up for Christmas!

For the first time ever.....I will be taking a frivolous, unexpected, spur of the moment, totally self serving December.  TJ is going to Paris on business for a few days and far be it from me to turn down an invitation to Paris.  It is Paris after all!  I did deliberate over the decision to go for about 10 minutes before I said..."Why not?!".  After all, I did all of my Christmas shopping in August and we are going to Nova Scotia for Christmas, so I don't really have to do too much around the house here in Sugar Land.  This year is going to be a minimal Christmas, it 's all about family and fellowship!  Not shopping!  So...I conveniently find myself with a bit of free time in December.

I hear there are all sorts of Christmas decorations in Paris which will only add to the beauty of the city of lights!  I am going to ignore the fact that the weather forecast is cold and dreary.  I will turn to the millions of mini white lights to warm my spirit and put me in the holiday mood.  I am going with no particular agenda.  I'll be flying solo and will be on my own for half of the days there.  I'm OK with that.  What better place to be wandering around with nothing but time and a camera?  I have even cracked open my French textbook in an effort to refresh my feeble memory of the French I was taught over the last couple of years.  I sure hope I remember some of it!  Maybe I'll just hope everyone is in the holiday spirit and is feeling generously forgiving to this American tourist. I promise to try to speak as much French as I can remember! Anticipation.....

Meanwhile, back in Sugar Land, Texas it is feeling and looking a lot like Toronto in November!  The last five days have reminded me of the things I loved to hate about November in Toronto.  We have had as much winter weather as we ever get down here in the South!  Makes a person want to curl up with hot chocolate, a blanket, a fire, and a good book....or plan a trip to Paris!
Bonne Nuit!

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Carol said...

Well done with your carpe diem for Paris, Lisa. Also, well done for your new leaf for Christmas ~ all about family & fellowship. That is a natural focus when EVERYONE has to travel to the rendez vous. Pure genius. What confuses me is the "loved to hate about November in TO". It's cold! It's great! Who are you and what have you done with my cuzzin Lisa?

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