Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

I've got to get a red fedora and a matching trench coat!

For the next month Carmen San Diego and I will have a lot in common.  You never know where I might turn up.  I/we must have been feeling our oats when I/we planned the months of February and March.  Suffice it to say, there will be much packing, unpacking, flying, driving, walking, skiing, studying, crime solving, and trying to get enough sleep over the next month.  Hopefully, there will be many wonderful memories made along the way. 

Last week we were at the happiest place on earth.  You know, the place where adults become children and children are over stimulated to the point of withdrawal?  We must have just won the Super Bowl because we went to Disney World!  Four days of non stop action and that was just keeping up with the grandsons.  I tried my best to take pictures of the boys having fun but all I got were pictures of their backs as they shot off in a different direction to see some other bright shiny animated character.  My daughter's tour book suggested that the thing most preschool age children love during their trip to Disney is the pool at the hotel.  They were wrong!  It was the monorail....for some reason, the ice cream....for obvious reasons, sitting in the rain waiting for the Fantasmic Show to begin...because it was warm and fun, and riding on Grampy or Gigi or Daddy's shoulders....because who doesn't want to rest their tired feet and get a great view all at once?!  Evidence....

Christopher is not too happy about being on my shoulders....I'm just not as awesome as Daddy!
Meanwhile, Daniel feels like the lion king!

Learning about flamingos....and holding hands...sigh.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Daniel and his brother, Elton John.

We are soaked....and we love it!  Bring on the show!
Pooh!!!!!  We love you! 

We all felt a little like this at the end of the week.

Two days after I returned from the Magical Disney Tour it was time to get on the case of my sister's 50th birthday in Baton Rouge.  When my siblings get together it is always a good time.  We had planned to decorate her house while she was at a birthday party given by a friend.  In the dark and cold of night we put a few of her "favorite" things in her front yard.  It was kind of a love/hate display.  She loves cats, she must not like trees very much because she has cut down almost every one in her yard so we put a tree in her front yard.  She does not like Nick Saban most of the Baton Rouge or LSU population, and she was thrilled to get yard of the month once in her neighborhood.  All these things lead us to this ........Happy Birthday Susan!

A huge tree branch with 50 cats and Nick Saban giving her the yard of the month!
The Tide has turned, Cat-a-pulted to 50!

Time to go pack my suitcase and get on the case of the Red Solo Cups.  I think they will be in Steamboat, Co this weekend, what mischief will they be up to this year?

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