Friday, February 22, 2013

A Lenten PSA

World going too fast?  Having trouble making decisions?  Need someone to talk to?  Me too.

Yesterday, I had several "aha" moments.  Thanks to Mass at noon.  I went on a whim....a gut feeling that it was a good thing to do at that particular moment.  As I sat in the quiet and reflected and prayed, my mind was amazingly clear.  The clutter was gone.  I sat and awed at the clarity that comes with time spent in quiet contemplation.  If you are looking for answers, go now....sit in a quiet and still....pray....and wait. 

As I prayed for God to send a fleet of guardian angels to protect me and all the other people skiing this weekend among other things, the lector read the psalm, "Lord, on the day I called, You answered me."  Thanks!   Then as I pondered a few other decisions I need to make, the answers were suddenly very clear.  Maybe it was just taking time to sit and be quiet and really think and put things in perspective.  Maybe it was just the Spirit that moved me to go to Mass and the Spirit who opened my ears and my heart.  Even the readings, psalms, prayers of the faithful felt like they were speaking to me, I'm sure I wasn't the only one either.  We get what we need when we are open. 

So, it's Lent, take a little time to visit your church and sit in the quiet, it is a true blessing. 

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